Thursday, July 5, 2012

SHIT IS GONNA HIT THE FAN.....any minute

Complaints are pouring in about TriMet's new budget.
Advocates for riders are criticizing fare increases and service reductions. Downtown residents are unhappy about the end of free MAX rides. And Portland Mayor Sam Adams has accused TriMet of breaking a promise to provide free rides to public school students.
The complaints follow TriMet's decisions to close a $12 million gap in the budget that took effect Sunday. But TriMet officials say things could get worse - much worse - in the future.
"We need a massive change of astronomical proportions in our finances for things to get better," says Randy Stedman, TriMet's executive director of labor relations and human resources.
Bruce Hansen, new president of the union that represents most TriMet employees, is not convinced, however. Hansen says he has not yet seen any documents that prove the financial picture is that bleak.
"My understanding is we've repeatedly asked for proof and haven't seen it," says Hansen, who became president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 on July 1.

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Riding MAX on July 4 no picnic

Did you know....

That when Trimet upgrades it radio system NONE OF THE SCANNERS THAT ARE IN USE TODAY WILL WORK?

Trimet FAIL July 4

Luckily there was a good supervisor handling this incident

The 72 Eats my Lunch

I have been a driver for 5 years. I still don't "get it" on
the busiest route in the TriMet system.There were a couple of moments today where I came close to losing my mind. Any advice on keeping this bad boy on time?


Including time points by stop ID and color coded route info IS HERE!
(created by Lane Jensen)

Understanding Economics

Fred Reed

Seen on Facebook

BEFORE I FORGET AGAIN: 3000-SERIES BUSES don't appear to include an overhead flood light like the New Flyers do. This has me concerned for a number of reasons, not the least of which is for defensive driving.

Hanging with Trimet retiree Hank

This man has a PHd from Berkeley-retired after 19 years as a part time operator


Even when you leave they can still mess with you!

The Ruse Revealed

TriMet Diaries

How bout those bus drivers at the airport?

Everyday People: Portland International Airport shuttle driver's job is one big joke |

Classic tweets

Before anybody goes into gyrations about lazy overpaid employees it must be noted that Neil IMPOSED a two year hiring freeze on drivers. He even threatened layoffs. Of course we know now that it was all theater,designed to scare the crap out of low seniority drivers and get concessions from the union. 


"It is unfair to collect payroll taxes from all over the region then use it to subsidize economic activity in central Portland," Duyck wrote on March 6, "especially when basic transit services are being reduced or eliminated elsewhere. This equity principle should also apply to the region’s tax payers subsidizing free youth pass for all students in Portland’s public school system."

Washington County and TriMet have maintained an unusually close working relationship over the years: The county's lobbyist is married to TriMet's lobbyist.(OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!)

Washington County Asks TriMet to Limit YouthPass Fallout to Portland