Saturday, July 7, 2012


Late last night:

Trimet reports

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Jason Mchuff denied boarding on dead head (corrected)

Whoever was driving 73/02 today you can expect a SIP for denying a ride to our buddy Jason who requested a ride from the jail back to the center street garage today. Jason was on the 73 bus when it got to the jail and the operator kicked him off even though Jason asked for a ride back to center street. Jason had to walk over a mile to find another bus stop. This is the kind of behavior that justifies the destruction of employee pay and benefits.
Last I heard operators are in service including dead heads where customers request a ride back to the garage.

At Trimet its all about who you know

From a reliable source:

A rail supervisor used "excessive force" (police ruling) against a juvenile in an incident at a transit center.
As most people that work at Trimet know, most everybody would be terminated immediately.
But because this particular supervisor was a personal friend of one of the top executives, they were able to keep their job at Trimet, as a rail operator.
Trimet did its usual job of covering the whole incident up.

Our pal Jeff Grimes makes the news!

This isn't the first time by the way, he also made the news saving a puppy running in the road:


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Man charged with stealing CTA bus, driving 12 miles

Story here!

Remember-Big brother is always watching

Police Chief Mike Reese acknowledged in City Council testimony in May that the bureau has long used video cameras. Other agencies and businesses have them, too: on TriMet platforms, state highways, cash machines, government buildings and convenience stores, among other places.

"In our community, we have cameras everywhere," Reese said. "I think sometimes we don't realize how much technology has progressed in the last few decades."

Portland police keep number and location of video cameras private |

A 'nice' little story from our transit agency

(it really isn't all bad, although sometimes it appears that way)

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