Monday, July 9, 2012

Transit is just not family freindly-ANYWHERE

Transit policy forces young family to walk home in rain - Thunder Bay - CBC News

Transit talent

Pay your fare and get this-TVM madness


FEATURING the unnaturally hilarious TRUE BUS STORIES of
World-Famous TriMet Operator DAN CHRISTENSEN
Celebrity Columnist and Journalistic Sleuth SARAH MIRK
Thursday, July 26, 2012
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(1) Portland Afoot: The Party

Rise of the Ticket Machines

Big news around the world these days – elections in Libya, raging wildfires, little old ladies dying after meeting the president – but these all pale in significance when set against the headlines right here in our little town. In the midst of all the human toil and activity on this teeming planet of ours, one thing seems to remain constant: TriMet can’t figure out how to make their ticket machines work.
Further digging shows that TriMet’s budget for giving a shit about ticket machines is equivalent to the one for ripping that goddammed poetry out of the trains, which is zippo. Your complaints are futile. They go to the same place that your gripes about that guy with his bags all over the seats go – TriMet purgatory. Your old umbrella is there, too. They’ll fix the ticket machines when Fred Hansen’s pension runs out, which is never. Did you know that after Fred Hansen dies, his termination contract with TriMet includes a provision to leave a small cash slot in his marble tomb? You do now!
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