Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trimet actually releases WES video!

Avoid Close Calls Like This with WES-Mom-Kid_Nyberg
Avoid Close Calls Like This with WES-Ped_Nyberg
Avoid Close Calls Like This with WES-Tigard_NB - YouTube
Avoid Close Calls Like This with WES-SchollsFerry_Bike

TriMet releases close-call videos as part of WES safety campaign | TriMet Media

Wanna work for Jarret Walker?


The problem? Most people don’t live within easy reach of those lines. “The typical job,” author Adie Tomer writes, “is accessible to only about 27 percent of its metropolitan workforce by transit in 90 minutes or less.” Even though millions of people live near transit stops, and even though millions of jobs are near transit stops, those systems don’t line up in a way that allows most people to commute by mass transit in less than 90 minutes.

 Why most Americans can’t take mass transit to work

Vancouver WA does it properly

They are allowing a vote from its citizens on light rail instead of shoving down the throats of its citizens like Trimet does. Hip Hip Hooray for a government that actually cares about its citizens. We live in an area that has no concern for voters. "We know best what you peons need"

C-Tran puts light-rail tax measure to voters | The Columbian

Maybe Trimet should try this....

Next stop, telethon for Port Authority | TribLIVE

I love it when my material makes the google alerts

One lonely guy in a room can present another side of the coin against a multi millionaire dollar empire filled with career technocrats.

Trimet board of sock puppets-June meeting-part 1 - YouTube
Michael Levine at the Trimet board of directors (sock puppets) ... A career at TRIMET awaits ...
Trimet board of sock puppets-June meeting-part 2 - YouTube
Passengers subdue man who attacked TriMet bus driver-KATU (Valarie Hurst)by ... Trimet ...

The lie that entitlements are the ruin-er of governments

This Chart Busts The Myth That Entitlements Destroy Growth - Business Insider

This makes up for all the ovens on wheels, cancelled runs, and generally crappy service

Impromptu concert at a MAX stop in Downtown Portland « How We Roll – A Blog for TriMet Fans

West Portal Pocket Track (Max Faqs)

Is TriMet working for the Portland area's unemployed?
 Unemployment Problem Includes Public Transportation That Separates Poor From Jobs

Photos from Mondays Union Meeting

                                         Mary Longoria and Ben Fein
                                         Jean Strickland being sworn in by Bruce Hansen