Thursday, July 12, 2012


One of America's biggest transit agencies DOES NOT RAISE FARES

The question is, if a system this big can do that, why can't Trimet do it?
My answer would be "bad management"

NJ Transit OKs budget that keeps fares unchanged -

Trimet rider so frustrated with TVM repair he makes a video about it


Check my TWITTER FEED for the incredible amount of rider complaints today


The case of Claudine Hendren is a complex one.
In the first incident, which the press published completely wrong, a baby was screaming on the bus uncontrollably. According to Trimet safety rules no operator is required to continue driving if there is a safety issue. Claudine was too distracted by the screaming to drive so she pulled over. She even provided candy to help the mom. But the baby wouldn't stop crying so the mom decided to get off the bus.
Claudine even left the bus and tried to persuade the mom to get back on. The mom refused and passengers left in protest.
She followed all the correct procedures.

In the second incident, the mom presented invalid transfers and Claudine 'informed' her that the tickets were no good. The mom went ballistic on Claudine. Another passenger who was appalled by the moms behavior called police. The officer asked Claudine if she would mind taking her home. Claudine balked, so the officer took the woman and her kids home. I'm not sure where the screaming baby came in.
Once again Claudine followed the proper procedure.

In both cases she actually did follow proper Trimet procedure.

Claudine did have lots of complaints, but 97% were unsubstantiated. 

It didn't matter to Trimet management, known to play favorites as in the rail supervisor who used excessive force against a minor but did not lose his job.

At Trimet, if they like you you can do no wrong. But if they don't like you they will nit pick you to death. (as they did me)

Claudine did have issues with passengers, after years of suffering abuse at their hands.
She did have no empathy for their plight, but more drivers than just her have that problem.
Maybe she did deserve to be terminated, but not for these two incidents.

Trimet Board of Sock puppets move closer to complete fascism

Item 4-the fascists will longer permit testimony on specific agenda items

87th and Canyon Road bus shelter

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Baby bus driver Claudine Hendren forced to retire says reliable source

Says she intends to sue Trimet. (She actually had to go through the entire grievance process first, which takes over  a year)
TriMet driver who booted mom, crying kids off Forest Grove bus retires before she can be fired, agency says |
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Surrey uses Portland as an example NOT to follow

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