Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A reader comments

Press Releases. Do they publish the full truth or what "fits"
their need for an article? It's a rare time to see the full
thruth and only the truth. I see it happen once a year, when
they do an article of my brother and his four legged son, whom
both were killed in action during the horrific Iraqi Freedom
War. They get those articles right, but they do leave out some
events of which happened around his death. How I know? Let us
just call it a hunch, when it has been confirmed from other's
in the Armed Forces.


That's there has been less posts on the blog.
The reason for that is complete and total discouragement.
We might have all the facts, all the figures, all the truths, but it all matters not.
Mcfarlane represents the way of the world now.
People in Greece are hanging themselves on trees and begging for food on the streets.
It's the Mcfarlanes of the world that end up killing the people.
And it appears that nobody can stop them.
So I am approaching the point of just saying FUCK IT AND FUCK TRIMET.
It might be better for me to just put them out of my mind, forever, because I am disgusted with them and everything they represent.
They are the WORST in government, a complete and total lack of any ethics at all.
And that is why the posts are getting less and less and my participation in other blogs is getting less and less.
I can't fight them anymore-its hopeless.

Mcfarlane doesn't just trample over his employees-he trampels on the weakest of citizens-THE DISABLED

I wish to start this letter by thanking you for the opportunity to testify before you at the council meeting June 27. I believe the issues I was addressing before you, youth fares, and deception by TriMet leadership of importance. Moreover, however, needed/mandated the stopping of the continued deception at the hands of TriMet leadership. Unfortunately though, deception etc all too believable and real.

Our aging fleet at Merlo

I wonder if the rest of this dinosaurs exhaust pipe is in the same condition.