Saturday, July 28, 2012


Bus Riders Union: The Film
Wednesday, August 1
Food @ 5:30 PM
Film Screening @ 6:00 PM

OPAL Office: 2407 SE 49th Ave
Bus Lines: 4, 14, and 71


Bus Riders Union is a riveting documentary that tells the story of the early years of the Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles, an organization that has led the fight for transit justice in LA and around the country for nearly 20 years. The LA BRU is a close partner of OPAL, and served as a model for the formation of Bus Riders Unite. The film screening will be followed by a discussion of what we can learn from the experiences of the LA BRU to further strengthen our own local movement for transit justice. Email Hector or call the office to RSVP and to get more information about this event.

America's Workforce Radio features President Hanley

Listen to the full interview here.


Those of us who have dealt with the REED GROUP know how awful they are. (Another move by Trimet to torture its employees)

Well read this about MERCER (taken from Facebook)

Was just informed by mercer that a copy of my kids birth certificates was insufficient proof of dependency but did not inform me what else they wanted....WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!

McFarlane lied

Created by Tom Horton


All too many ATU members can identify with a bus driver who is attacked. And some even know what it feels like when a battered driver tries to contact a dispatcher through an on-board call box and… nothing happens.  
That’s what happened on July 19, when a rider assaulted HART bus operator Colin Brown after entering the bus and paying the fare, hitting him 20 times with her fist.  Brown had to use his cell phone to reach the agency’s dispatch center. Emergency responders finally took him to the hospital where he was treated for a concussion and other injuries. Read more here. 
With a deep concern for the safety of its members, Local 1593- Tampa along with the ATU International are demanding that the HART board “immediately intervene and restore our confidence in being able to perform our duties in a safe work environment.” 
ATU and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) continue to address the issue of attacks on transit worker through a joint committee that’s working hard to find ways to protect transit workers.  
“Last month a Los Angeles bus driver was shot to death while on duty. A New Jersey bus operator was stabbed seven times. Lower profile offenses such as spitting and verbal abuse are becoming part of the job,” ATU President Larry Hanley said. “The public is also at-risk. Transit agencies must put the safety and security of their operators and passengers first.” Read full statement.


OLMS Explains Dismissal of Complaint Involving Election of Transit Union Officers - Amalgamated Transit Union


We met with TriMet re the Mercer enrollment audit. Although we disagree, at this time we are encouraging our members to participate by submitting the appropriate paperwork.

I bought a beer from Mary Fetsch

She was manning the Lopoc table....
She did a double take but then recognized me, but she told me "that Steve (Fung) was already there" so it might have triggered her memory.
I didn't think she would recognize me.
Poor Mary, I thought she looked a little rough to be honest.


TriMet must expand service while trimming costs