Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Hopefully he's ok in those bushes"

Golden Handcuffs "HB"

Looks like they already got the benefits changed for future employees, get ready for the "Golden handcuffs" or deferred comp plan.
(Deferred compensation is also sometimes referred to as deferred comp, DC, non-qualified deferred comp, NQDC or golden handcuffs. Deferred comp is only available to senior management and other highly compensated employees of companies. Although DC isn't restricted to public companies, there must be a serious risk that a key employee could leave for a competitor and deferred comp is a "sweetener" to try to entice them to stay. If a company is closely held (i.e. owned by a family, or a small group of related people), the IRS will look much more closely at the potential risk to the company. A top producing salesman for a pharmaceutical company could easily find work at a number of good competitors. A parent who jointly owns a business with their children is highly unlikely to leave to go to a competitor. There must be a "substantial risk of forfeiture!!!!!!!!," or a strong possibility that the employee might leave, for the plan to be tax-deferred. Among other things, the IRS may want to see an independent (unrelated) Board of Directors' evaluation of the arrangement.)

Oregon supreme court to hear appeal against Trimet

General Bell v. Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (S060373)
(A145225) (appeal from Multnomah County Circuit Court; opinion reported at 247 Or
App 666, 271 P3d 138 (2012)).
Plaintiff General Bell, as personal representative of the estate of Thomas
Bell, has been granted review of a Court of Appeals decision affirming a trial court
decision that dismissed plaintiff's personal injury action against defendant Tri-County
Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon.

Laverne Ballard to be back to Trimet

We hear through the grapevine that she won her arbitration against the evil doers and will back to work !

Let us vote

Trimet communications Center August 22-2 parts

Part 1
Part 2

Today's seen and heard on TRIMESS


The dispatch call that began the feud with Trimet management which ended when I left the company.
To this day I maintain their action against me was completely illegal but their threat to fire me was real.
I saved them the trouble and left on my own accord as soon as it was possible.
To work at Trimet you have to give up some of your civil rights, and that is just not acceptable for someone like me. I would never have left had the management not been harassing me. Believe it or not I actually liked the job and was well liked by my riders. Even though I was the poster boy for distracted driving I had a perfect safety record in my 15 years of employment there.


 The big news in the Tri-Met bond sale, of course, is how big it is. Even leaving aside the hanky-panky that government agencies go through when telling you how much debt they're taking on, Tri-Met's long-term borrowings just went up from $308.4 million to $401.7 million -- a 30 percent increase. And all of its payroll tax revenue is mortgaged to pay off the banks and other bondholders, who get first dibs over all other creditors.
Has Clackamas County been hustling MAX bonds illegally? 
Multi-modal misery
All aboard for Epic Fail


For the route and fare changes!


(AKA how to force people on to the MAX)

Rider threatens to 'kill' driver

$58,514.00 - $87,772.00 Annually

Get your job


Thursday August 30@1:30pm
Day Of Action Location
We will meet at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 1:30pm and we will start at our Action at 2pm.
We will be doing 2 things for the Day of Action:
-Appreciation of Bus Drivers&Riders
-Mourning for the loss of our bus service, routes, reconfiguration & affordable fare.

Dan Christensen has been posting to his blog daily

Don't forget to check out the ROLL EASY BLOG daily now.
(incredible how Dan is able to write such accurate essays about life on the bus)

Classic tweets

Trimet adventures of Debdawg48


It seems that light rail supporters exist inside a world of self delusions.
They have successfully been able to separate themselves from the reality of the world around us.
They don't seem to realize that record number of people in America find themselves on FOOD STAMPS.

Regarding the revised IGA for the Milwaukie Light Rail Project

John Charles

The end of TriMet’s failed Fareless Square experiment

By Eric Shierman
As this month comes to an end so too will end Portland’s 37-year experiment in fare-free public transportation. The last vestige of Fareless Square, known today as the Free Rail Zone, will come to an end. Perhaps TriMet’s culture of tolerating fare evasion will come to an end as well.