Monday, September 3, 2012

Puke train

How are you supposed to board here

New streetcar fares

Can you figure this out?

From Seattle

Video honoring Metro's driver of the year

note Securatas (private security) checking fares in

Bus driver gets defensive about her fare checking

Notice how she says "its her bus". I got news for you lady, it IS NOT YOUR BUS, its the public's bus. Jason made a comment about her fare collection and  she became livid.

Very last free transit in Portland, Oregon Alert icon

My thoughts on the end of Fareless Square

My greatest memory of Fareless was driving the 8 to Hayden Meadows back when it went there. The bus was so full of fareless riders that paying riders that needed to go to Hayden Meadows were not able to get on the bus. They would literally beg me to get on because they had to go to work.
Fareless would have been a decent idea if they had a bus DEDICATED TO IT rather than clogging up everything else in the system. It was a bungled idea and it did need to go especially since they are ripping off all the other riders on Trimess.
I can't wait to see ridership numbers come the end of September. I fear this transit district is genuinely in a death spiral, just like Pittsburgh PA.
Blaming employees for all the mess only goes so far, then the truth comes out.
Mismanagement has created the death spiral, not employees wages and benefits.
When you grow a system beyond its means to support itself it slowly strangles itself.

Of course none of this matters to the executives who reap in hundreds of thousands of dollars, huge fully funded pensions, and live happily ever after even though they ruined the agency. It's very much like the bankers, the ruined the financial system but they all personally raked in millions and lived happily ever after


"did your dog poop before he gets on the bus"

Can't figure out where bus is

Weed on the bus causes allergic reaction


Hard ass MAX controller

'why are you late'

These friggen dispatchers were my least favorite management personnel while I worked at Trimet.
Now that I have been listening to them since my departure from Trimess I have developed some respect for what they do.

But one thing I hated then, and I still hate it when I hear it.

Why are you late? They actually ask operators that question.

Well here is the answer I always wanted to give them when I worked there.


Another PUKE BUS

Head signs all screwed up

The head signs have been a problem since they introduced the automated system. It's never been fixed, goes on year after year

Modern Mythology: Portland Trimet Rapes The Poor



I had an interesting conversation with one of our brothers from Lift.  I had asked him how the contract situation was going.  He said that there is a hang up concerning bonus money; I said “wow, that’s all.” He said “yep”.  He went on further, and told me that the other unionized Lift contract was settled.  I said how can that be when we are all one union and two companies (Trimet and First Transit)?  Why one was fully negotiated and the other wasn’t?  Why didn’t both fall under the same contract resolutions?  Why were they done this way?  They (our brothers and sisters) stood together in solidarity during the rally, and got the companies attention, only to be separated again by the settling of one contract as opposed to the other’s contract?  Who would have done this and thought it was a great idea????  Why is it now put on our new president’s lap, to solve this problem when it should have been done properly the first time??