Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You never know where you might run into JASON MCHUFF

Seen and Heard on Trimess


VigilAssessment Operator Observation & Assessment Tool | Vigil Solutions


                                         This low floor was in the Center Street workline.In 5
                                          years, I haven't seen a hole in the sheet metal skirts.

Lane gets the axe cause Trimet breaks down

Classic Tweets

Jack Ohman

Dispatch highlights

Trimet leaves 94 riders stranded

Clock is running backwards

Leave it to Trimess to over complicate things

Even the supervisor has no idea where the 87 stops

Anti transit movement makes it to Eugene

Critics flood LTD with opinions | Most of the negative comments were generated by the anti-EmX group Our Money Our Transit

Alex Hawk speaks to the sock puppets!

Trimet employees/retirees on Blue Cross are SCREWED

Just spent the last hour on the phone dealing with this screwing we just got from our union and Mcfarlane.
My hatred for Trimet only grows. Six figure executives think nothing of screwing the little people, the riders and the retirees. A pal of mine is on the hook for thousands of dollars of life saving medications!  God bless America "God Bless America" at Chick-fil-A breaks out! - YouTube


Has Clackamas County cancelled light rail bond sale?

That's the report we've received at this hour. And the prospectus for the sale, which was supposed to go down tomorrow, has suddenly been removed from the i-Deal listing of Oregon bond sales. It could be a big win for the Clackistani rebels, or just a decoy of some kind. Given how the county commissioners have behaved, we would put nothing past them.
Has Clackamas County cancelled light rail bond sale? (Jack Bog's Blog)

What a wonderful design the transit mall is

Just a matter of time before someone gets killed down there

Day ticket not torn correctly

The idiots that run Trimet have decided that day tickets must be torn at 2:30am or they are not valid. Needless to say more than 1/2 are torn wrong because that was never the way it was in the past. Here is one that is not torn at all

Symphony plays at water front park

SEEN and HEARD on TRIMESS (people are mad as hell)

Trimet fails riders

Operator fails to see pole and smashed into it

94's all broken down

Mcfarlane breaks the law-does he give a shit? NOPE

Union Pacific in the way of the GREAT DESTOYER

(aka the mystery train)

Union Pacific prepares Brooklyn Yard for light rail line - Portland Business Journal

In Tanasbourne: Swan Song of the 89 Community

My most favorite route was Trimet line 89. It was one of those buses where everybody knew everybody else and the driver was part of that scene. Such a shame to see it ruined along with so much else at this heartless, soulless, government bureaucracy. But so so much has been destroyed since Mcfarlane took over. He is the DESTROYER, he follows Hitlers scorched earth policy. Destroy everything that doesn't suit his purposes. He is the enemy of the people. Yet the dictators who rule us (they pretend we live in a democracy) support his scorched earth policy. I suggest you start watching ALEX JONES on YOUTUBE if you want to see the truth of our society today.

In Tanasbourne: Swan Song of the 89 Community | TriMet Diaries


Ride TriMet Line 89 from Evergreen Pkwy to Science Park Dr - YouTube 

Another Large Class to Graduate Soon

                                         22  drivers will be on their routes next week.

Not all Trimet drivers have ethics

57 train 69 left Forest Grove 3 minutes early on EVERY SINGLE TRIP!
Where are the supervisors?
Where are the dispatchers?
Does anybody monitor activities of the rouge Trimet bus drivers?
(and there are plenty of rouge bus drivers)