Thursday, September 6, 2012


This comment on the Joe Rose streetcar post cracked me up!

Also, still waiting for The O to launch a column covering the local Kayak and Canoeing scene. We are woefully underrepresented in the daily newspaper, and you ignore us at your peril. We have people in place in Metro and City Council, incognito of course, and when the time is right, we will make our move. The cyclists will bow at our feet . . .

Portland Streetcar: A sneak preview of the eastside line (video)

Would we need to add 2.9 lanes to Sunset Highway without westside MAX? PolitiFact Oregon

TVM techs chatting on the radio


It's not getting better Trimet!

Lane catches driver violating no smoking policy


Real time report from real bus driver

do u have an extra cigarette..wut time do u leave..wut time does 78 u go to u go to forest long until we get there

Rogue Clackamas commission takes shaky bond deal into back room

It's amazing to us that the county could cancel the sale and not give a reason. Here are the politicians and bureaucrats, slinging $20 million around, and when they suddenly pull the plug on a major deal that was two days away from going down, they can just give the media and the public the brushoff? Ladies and gentlemen of county government, what the heck is going on?

(Jack Bog's Blog)

Lane Jensen rides the bus!


Streetcar waits for passengers who show no enthusiasm
Driver gets lost
No headlights
Driver really screws up
Driver struggling to get the job done
"We don't want Trimet out here"
Driver decides she wants to go home rather than the garage
Driver gives thanks for not having to do route
MAX gets stuck
Person moons the bus driver
Nobody wants Trimet drivers in their bathrooms

New TriMet Workplace Poster

Driver decides she wants to go home rather than the garage

What's wrong with this MAX signage ?

Some people sure go nuts over the silly streetcars » Blog Archive » Photos and notes from my ride on the new streetcar line

"We don't want Trimet out here"

Bumpy ride for Trimet users

Joe Rose

Trimet ticket machines-a disgrace that has been going on for years now

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Seen and heard on TRIMESS

Things are not going well at Trimess

Some of these paychecks for bus drivers do seem a little excessive (old info)

TriMet Salaries | GovDocs

A driver writes to me

The teroizm task force is doing training at Elmo all week long . I was given the 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm last night . They have one of our buses and one rail car  at Elmo . Very high security area . I was patted down before I was allowed to enter the area . 25 police officers ,6 observers . One man was from a federal agency overseeing the whole shebang ! Don't know who he was , no one knew his name . No filming allowed .They are bringing in police from every agency to work on this .30 volunteers that act out each scenario . Police have plastic guns that shoot blanks . most scenarios involve 1 gunman with automatic weoppon and hostages . Each time a train came into the yard the train opp would be escorted out of the area .


Tribute to driver who died on the job Dale Arlt

Tri-Met/Dale Arlt Memorial Beac Trip - Event | BikerOrNot

Knocking From Inside: Chaos Stalks Tri-Met

Click here for a great poem about Trimet

Competition & free market give Hawaii affordable transportation

Since Trimet has failed so miserably in its mission, I do support the notion of ending the monopoly of Trimet as the sole transportation supplier. It's time to open up the market to other people and ideas that can get the job done more efficiently than the poster child of inefficiency TRIMET.

Competition & free market give Hawaii affordable transportation | The Oregon Catalyst

Portland, Oregon increases transit fees

By Tony Colton and Hector Cordon

Beginning September 1, the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (TriMet) implemented fare increases and cuts in services in order to overcome a $12 million budget shortfall.
TriMet is Portland, Oregon’s regional public transit agency, transporting more than 350,000 riders daily—more than any other US transit system its size. Operating buses and light-rail, TriMet serves the Portland metropolitan area, with a population of more than 2.6 million people, nearly 70 percent of Oregon’s total population.


I have some of the greatest doctors, which is why I absolutely refuse to switch to Kaiser and its second rate health care system. (not everybody agrees with me on that but after they almost killed my first wife I have never wanted anything to do with them again)