Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trimet lies about location of shooting incident

The shooting happened at a Green line station but trimet tweeted that it happened off the system!


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Bojack quotes me

I consider that an honor indeed!
Al the Bus Driver nails it (Jack Bog's Blog)

I'm sure he is a very nice guy, but really, come on » Blog Archive » Meet Jeff Owen, TriMet's new Active Transportation Planner

Pay range - $50,679.00 - $72,180.00 Annually


"Cute'" little event on MAX

Joe Rose Here
MY comment:
Firmly on METRO SUCKS/KYOT0_KID's side of this argument.  
Ya its cute so what? 
Trying to be 'cute' in the middle of this huge upheaval that TRIMET has just put its ridership (and its employees at a lesser level) through is disgusting. 
And if they paid for this in any way, oh I forgot, there is not a FK*N thing we can do about anything TRIMET executives do. 


Anyone else deeply offended at seeing DHS in full force in downtown Portland today hanging out at the max stations? I'm pretty sure we already have our own local state/county/and city police force here that we pay for and elect the leaders of. So why are we being policed by DHS? The anniversary of something that happened 11 years ago and 3000 miles away is hardly a reason to have a bunch of LEO washouts eyeballing me when I step off the max
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TriMet to riders: OK, maybe we didn’t need that fare hike after all | Portland Afoot

Our Friend Adron Hall a big Trimet fan

He seems a lot more pro Trimet after living in King County. Needless to say I disagree with most of his stuff but he is focused on "costs" and such. I really don't know much about King County other than what Chad has told us here. But I do know that Trimet is near the bottom of the list when talking efficiency. And you must remember, ONLY 12% of commuters use it. That's the tinniest fraction of the population and there is a reason people don't use it, IT SUCKS, unless you live in downtown Portland it sucks.
Learning From Each Other « Transit Sleuth

Oregon Supreme Court rules in favor of Clackamas Co. on light rail funding Most of were keenly aware this was going to be the outcome. Crony capitalism is alive and well with all the suitable laws/cronies in place to make sure it continues.