Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The A-Holes that run Trimet

It's time to re-visit this excellent post by Jack Bogdanski

Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault

The head of Portland's insolvent transit agency has taken to badmouthing his employees' unions these days. But he can't seem to make that speech without a "planning" consultant from CH2M Hill next to him. Ah, those consultants -- who make the millions setting up money-burning rail projects like the insane WES train and the equally nutty Mystery Train to Milwaukie. Yes, the unions have overreached in recent years, but when Tri-Met ends up in bankruptcy and the workers get maneuvered out of their pensions, you won't see CH2M Hill giving back any money. 
Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault (Jack Bog's Blog)

Stacy and Witbeck's cute little video about people involved in building the streetcar to nowhere

Hows that new streetcar doing?

Here are some comments from

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TriMet Board Meeting

Ok guys. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
So i'm posting here for Cameron at the moment. His internet has been down the past day or so and due to that he will not be able to carry out the initial plan he had for this board meeting.

Milwaukie light rail news: Trees come down, Trolley Trail public art

Protest over trees toppled for light rail project


Dan Christensen answers the question "What turns bus drivers mean"

Dan has been writing some really great stuff since he re-started his blog. Excellent stuff actually.
I have noticed he has steered clear of Trimet political issues, which somewhat surprises me given all that has gone on with management over the past year.

WMAGAD of the Month: "Bad drivers aren't born, they're made!" - Roll Easy Blog - Portland Oregon most beloved Trime bus driver returns to blogging

Nobody riding the east side streetcar


Nothing is quite as funny as TRIMET'S latest news release regarding pouring concrete.
Like that is actually news, pouring concrete.

But in today's world the news is what we are told is the news.
Trimet sends out a press release and every single major CORPORATE news outlet covered it like it was actually of significance.

The 'big pour' is an obvious example of the collusion that occurs between the TRIMET masters and the coporate media who spoon feed the public everything that Trimet tells them to spoon feed us.

Trimet Mystery Monday

Another LJ Production

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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