Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poor pedestrian facilities heading to/from Ruby Jct

NW 11 Mile Ave/SE 199th Ave in Gresham

Even though it's the street between a major TriMet operations facility and the nearby MAX station, one which operators, employees and others walk down daily, it does not have the "world-class" pedestrian facilities that some here seem to think it would have given the rail nature of those places.

(I'm told that the street is like this because sidewalks were not required when Ruby Jct was built; a recent TriMet expansion fronting one portion of the street did include a sidewalk.)

Google Street View and, below, some still images:

Someone loves TriMet.

I too would love TriMet if they gave me a six-figure job, a company vehicle with air conditioning so I didn't have to ride the bus, kick ass benefits like lots of vacation days, an office with a window, and I get to play SimCity all day long and do nothing but plan light rail lines.

Streetcar, Dash 9, PA-1

No money for buses...plenty of money for pickup trucks and SUVs

Brand new Chevrolet Colorado heads up this line of nice TriMet fleet vehicles in a rented TriMet office building.


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