Friday, October 5, 2012

Charges increased on Oregon City bus attack suspect Portland


This article from UK hits home

When it comes to rank unreasonableness, he's not alone. In recent years, we've had a model refused entry for being too tall, pensioners wrongly ordered off and a nine-year-old and a 14-year-old ejected for being a few pence short. In separate incidents, two mums were kicked off: one, who was heavily pregnant, for being accompanied by a noisy child, the other for breastfeeding. Most awfully, a 22-year-old law student was beaten and raped in Nottingham after finding herself 20p short of the full fare and attempting to walk home at night. Is this some sort of epidemic? And how come so many of these cases feature some of society's most vulnerable?

Kicked off the bus, for what? | Jane Fae | Comment is free |

25 year veteran bus driver charged with vehicular homicide


Theoretical Musing on the Supersoldier Gillig Phantoms

With the new 3000 buses coming into service gradually, there's already been talk that within a day's worth of service, the new buses are already breaking down or glitching up. It's causing me to think back on the 1400 series and realize that it's a miracle that they're still alive.

I did some guesstimating today to see just how productive they are. These aren't hard truths but they're something to mull over, for sure.

Let's start off with the basics. The 1400 Gillig Phantoms have been active for 22 years, since 1990. They're still pretty commonplace today, primarily on lines 1, 22, 23, 25 and 94 for most blatant example. Their junior forms, the 30-foot 1600 series, are 21 years old, being active since 1991. They're used on several lines that require smaller buses, primarily in the eastside. You can see them on lines 28, 29, 34, 80 and 81, and on the west side, lines 39 and 51. These buses have three or four years on me age-wise, which in and of itself is impressive.

Now add to that the fact that these buses run at least five days out of the week, sometimes seven. They definitely worked seven days a week for most of their 22 years. With a bit of math and give-and-take, these buses have worked approximately 7,500 days of its lifetime, or around 95% of its total days. These buses work just as hard as the average person does, only they don't get days or holidays off, which is pretty crazy.

Crazier than that, these buses have been active throughout the entire day for the most part, albeit less so recently for the 1400s. Still, you'd be hard pressed to miss them. They were definitely running all day, ever day, when they were the newest buses off of the market, and for most of their lifetime it was probably the same case. I'll give it the average of 10 hours a day factoring in give-or-take. With that total in mind, we have 75,000 hours of their life working. Have you ever done 75,000 hours of anything? 75,000 hours, or 27 million seconds, or 4.5 million minutes? That's a staggering amount of time to be doing anything, much less working that entire time. I dunno, maybe I'm just an inexperienced kid who hasn't even been alive 75,000 hours.

And if we're talking lifetime miles, it gets even better. Let's say on an average day, a bus drives around 60 miles. Much more when they originally came out, considerably less nowadays since they're mostly restricted to rush hour lines and local infrequent routes. 60 miles a day is 450,000 lifetime miles for these buses. That, if you ask me, is insane.

I'll definitely leave this disclaimer: THIS IS NOT EXACT MATH. This is primarily guesstimating with some give and take thrown in to give this theoretical example. But this theoretical example is probably very close to the truth. I know nowadays it's not fun to ride a 1400. They have no AC, the benches are like sitting on rocks, they're bumpy, noisy and unstable. The fact that most of these buses have survived all of this work and the hardships of being a bus is just incredible to me, and the fact that they still work baffles me. I think that despite it all, we have to give the 1990/91 Gillig Phantoms some credit and respect for all of their hard work.


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