Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lane Jensen files request for public records at Trimet

TriMet – Request for Video from Leonard’s Bus | Portland Transit Lane

Bubble head Ellen Fox

Guess who's blogging about me again-THAT'S RIGHT, ELLEN FOX

Ellen Fox is at me again, so again I remind the public of our history together
This woman is so full of herself its laughable. She thinks all I care about are the number of people reading my blog? I couldn't care less how many people view my blog, I make nothing from it. Its a hobby, I get no profit from it. She doesn't like Lane Jensen now and blames me for his actions. Insane, I never gave Lane any instructions on anything. But in that little mind of hers AL IS ALL POWERFUL AND CONTROLS PEOPLE THROUGH HYPNOSIS OR SOMETHING. Go ahead sue, just like she did. She got nothing for all her efforts. Sorry to inform you operators you are a public servants doing your job in public. That's the way it is. Trimet films everything without your permission and every operator in Lane's movies were told he was filming. Nothing secret about Lane at all. It's all very silly and something that Ellen just loves to get involved with. It's her M.O. Well Ellen you might just get to meet Lane in person, let's see how you handle yourself because remember, you are a public servant. You don't decide who rides your bus.

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Once again ruins a family evening & dinner. Seems to happen at least weekly. Consistently inconsistent & disappointing.

Portland Streetcar, SUV collide in downtown; driver injured, traffic jammed

Bambi alert

If you want to get involved now is the time

Dear Activists-

It should come as no surprise that in the countdown to the election there are plenty of events and opportunities to volunteer upcoming.  Next Tuesday, October 23d, we are encouraging you to bring your friends and family down to the Oregon AFL CIO (3645 SE 32nd) starting at 5:30 pm for a phone bank encouraging people to elect Transit and Labor Friendly candidates. The AFL CIO will be providing dinner and shirts.  If that particular evening does not work for you, please contact Mike Pucik at 503-730-6585 for other dates and locations.

About the uppercut bus driver

RTA bus driver violently punches woman and highlights a greatly changed culture: Phillip Morris |

(it was another fare dispute, what a waste of time)

Trimet bus driver gets punched in the eye-audio of the call

WELL WELL WELL-recording on the bus

I know for  a fact that many transit districts record audio and video. I know for a fact that Lane Jensen has embarrassed drivers and Trimet (even though they aware that he was recording) causing Trimet to quote a law that was intended to protect 'private conversations', not conversations on a public bus. But now We have an actual transit district employing its whole fleet with audio recording. Complete opposite from Trimet secrecy goals.

But there are some people that are not happy about it. Still have never seen any court case involving this issue but there is a discussion now about the policy of recording audio at Baltimore MTA. Lets see if this goes to court and get some precedents to study. Of course this case involved institutional spying, not some guy with a video camera

Wells said audio recording was approved by the state attorney general’s office. A spokesman there confirmed that transit officials have been advised that audio recording doesn’t violate the state wiretapping law.

MTA recording bus conversations to help investigators but some call it privacy violation - The Washington Post

MTA recording bus conversations to eavesdrop on trouble - Baltimore Sun



Which opens up a whole new can of worms to Trimet managers. See a problem that the Trimet management ignores, well NOW YOU CAN TAKE YOUR COMPLAINT DIRECTLY TO THE FEDS!

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act or MAP-21, which went into effect Oct. 1, gave the Federal Transit Administration this new authority to oversee transit systems and to set national policy for transit safety. These transit systems have not been regulated by the federal government since 1964. 

 So now you can take any safety related complaint to the FTA

New federal oversight of subways, buses replaces state 'patchwork' -

Violence on the Bus

What is going on with this rise on violence against Trimet drivers lately? Another bus driver was attacked (punched in the head) for telling a passenger his fare had expired!
I take the bus to and from work EVERY week day and I would be outraged if I saw any of my drivers being harassed, let alone physically assaulted. Knock it off, psychos! The drivers have a challenging enough job driving for hours, taking on the responsibility of their passengers safety and time schedules, negotiating the roads with ballsy cyclists and impatient drivers.
Violence on the Bus | I, Anonymous