Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOP 313 - TriMet Code Violations-Definitions

Code Enforcement and Fare Inspection Standard Operating Procedures


This procedure outlines the proper response to fare violations by Code Enforcement supervisors. Chapter 29 of the TriMet Code lists regulations governing proof of fare payment.


Picture from Portland Transit Lane

Trimet fare inspectors demand that Lane Jensen stop recording a fare mission. (they have no authority to do that) 
Here we go again, FARE INSPECTORS, who's job is to inspect fares although many of them think they are police, have overstepped their bounds again by telling Lane that he cannot film their activity.
There is nothing in the Trimet code giving fare inspectors the right to cite someone for filming.  

I Waited for the 17


Who ya gonna call?



As you can see from the Trimet chart there are more accidents now than a year ago. The pattern if fairly consistent. HARRY SAPPORTA/ALLAN MORGAN (director of training) the statistics are showing you as a failure and Neil Mcfarlane as the top man is also failing
All the rhetoric coming from Mcafarlanes mouth is baloney


4. The four MAX lines averaged a total of 121,700 weekday, 93,500 Saturday, and 68,100 Sunday
boardings in September. Weekday ridership was down on each of the four MAX lines,
averaging 62,700 on the Blue line, 22,500 on the Red line, 15,200 on the Yellow line, and 21,300
on the Green line. Total MAX ridership fell 6.6% during the peaks and 9.1% in off-peak
periods, resulting in an 8.4% drop in weekday ridership. Total weekend ridership was also down
(-4.8% Saturday, -8.3% Sunday), leading to a 7.9% decline in weekly MAX rides in September.
MAX rides had been down slightly in recent months due to increased fare enforcement, and part
of September’s MAX ridership loss is probably still related to this factor. However, most of the
MAX ridership decline was in the former Rail Free Zone area.

Should TRIMET be dragged into civil rights court?

Trimet has been operating separate and unequal transit systems. One for the 'choice' riders with the accoutrements of its light rail /wes services. And another system for its primarily impoverished citizens who wouldn't be able to get around without  the bus service.

I think OPAL should look very closely into using courts against Trimet since using reason with TRIMET is a fruitless occupation.

Does Your City Need a Transit Riders Union? - Commute - The Atlantic Cities

Trimet Bus Rear-Ended - 3 Taken To Hospital

Trimet bus driver stops mid route and driver gets coffee

And somebody got pissed off. Of course many riders don't realize that many Trimet routes have nothing on them end to end. I tried to never stop mid route because I thought it was disrespectful to riders. I did it occasionally but always asked riders if they would mind before doing it.

Trimet bus driver leaves bus running on the side of the road while he ...

Police State slowly encroaching into our daily lives

What else is significant about this story? Another illustration of the collusion between the corporate media and the TRIMET corporatists. Not one story on the bogus budget (exception Portland A Foot) But massive unquestioning coverage of the state using police dogs on transit users)

New K-9 team joins TriMet as part of increased security force
TriMet beefs up security with new fare enforcers, K-9 explosives unit
TriMet adds new security measures | kgwcom Portland