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Southbound WES train crosses the Tualatin River

Video by Erik Halstead

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Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a scheduled bus to ferry one to important meeting & bus goes rogue on schedule

Trimet makes a good comedy show

Hello do you think this upside down red sign on the green line train is terribly helpful?

trimet dont care

Happened to my friends bus his line 4 is bad but trimet dont care and he got punched 2 weeks ago and no suppirt


Been getting lots of comments from current employees who "feel sorry for me" because I am making some posts that are anti operator. I have my doubts that this blog is 'going to kill me' as some commentators suggest.


There is this popular misconception that Trimet provides transit. The reality is the main purpose of Trimet is to facilitate land development. The true focus is on capital projects which Mcfarlane talked about when he gave his 'tale of 2 trimet's, one that is the top innovator in its field (capital projects) the other is the example of inefficiency and waste (transit services). Neil Mcfarlane himself demeaned the whole transit delivery part of Trimet. He should have been fired after making that statement but of course he has full support of that bum in Salem Kitzhaber and his board of sock puppets. Just read this glowing description of their land use project. Never seen anything like that about transit services have you?

Listen to this crap

Before reading the Trimet crap you might be interested in knowing just how likely it is that you would be killed by a TERRORIST

Thanks to a grant from the Transit Security Administration (TSA),(as usual funding stupidity instead of what people need) TriMet has added a fourth K-9 unit to its bus and rail line security force. Snoopy joins other expert sniffers—Ice, Rexo and Mike—to protect transit riders from the threat of explosives. Officer Chad Stoner and Snoopy, a two-year-old Labrador retriever, went through 10 weeks of training and received their certification last week from the Department of Homeland Security. So what qualities does Snoopy have that makes him good at this line of work?  “Mostly his demeanor," Officer Stoner said. “He’s driven, which you want in any kind of detection work. And he doesn't get upset or frightened around buses.”


Ahh to watch Neil Mcfarlane is really something. He is so under control that Lane Jensen can't even get him to blow his cool. The master of lies and distortions. He got away with that PHONY BUDGET CRISIS BULLSHIT, of course it necessitated complete cooperation of our phony bought and paid for media which colludes with Trimet on all aspects of reporting. And now we see Neil again, preaching more bullshit. I brought out in a recent post HOW ALL THE SAFETY CRAP WAS FAILING, because there are more accidents now than the year before they started the stupid 'rectification' nonsense. Here is Neil Mcfarlane just recently making another stupid statement:


In the fifteen years I was employed by Trimet the single most popular thing they did for riders was giving away the blinking lights. They were WILDLY popular and WIDELY used. When a driver saw the blinking blue light they new that was a bus passenger.  But they did away with it. In the big picture the lights were of completely insignificant costs, but of course Trimet is ruled by executives who have long forgotten what the experience of riders are. And the top executive has never been exposed to the 'real' rider. He is a career technocrat, somebody that lives that parallel world of the 1%'s although he is not technically a  1 percent-er.  He is a tool of the 1%, So the blinker lights were eliminated. At retail level they cost $1 each, in bulk I would imagine you could buy them at 25 cents each. Chump change to a place like Trimet. But alas they got rid of one of the most popular programs ever from Trimet, here is the 'official' explanation:

A: Only during our on-street outreach blitz Monday, November 5.
This year’s Be Seen, Be Safe campaign includes: Face-to-face outreach--with giveaways, including a limited supply of blinkies--at 20 locations the day after Daylight Saving Time ends; emails, web pages and social media posts prompting the public to make themselves visible at bus stops and on foot; TV and newspaper ads, including an insert in hundreds of thousands of newspapers during the last week of Daylight Saving Time; the Bright Ideas contest.
Although blinkies are popular and fun, it’s not financially and environmentally sustainable to hand them out throughout the season. Instead, we’re focusing on educating people about using their phones, clothes and accessories to make themselves visible. (completely absurd)


I have been getting a  lot of heat about Lane. First of all I do not tell Lane what to do. He makes his own decisions about whatever story he decides to go after. I will admit to supporting him in his efforts. I have enjoyed every single one of his movies. Especially since  I was prohibited from doing what he is doing. And his ability to stand up to authority is admirable. Very few citizens would stand firm in the face of authority like he is doing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LANE!

More fare/supervisor rules

SOP 308 - Persons Engaging in Prohibited Behavior on TriMet Property


And force the pubic to stand outside sometimes in the most vile conditions. I remember once when I and Willie Moore (also retired) where at Washington square it was cold and pouring down rain. Both me and Willie were in my bus at the time and sat there in disbelief as the operator forced mothers with children and elderly people to endure the horrible weather while they sat inside the heated bus taking their break. Both Willie and I were truly horrified at the sight of this completely insensitive operator.

I know this is a sensitive subject the but the rules are the rules. Trimet has rules but they don't bother enforcing them. The reason: THERE IS NOBODY IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING AT TRIMET. It's a free for all there. Take it from somebody that spent 15 years of his life there observing, listening, and taking extensive notes.

Here are the rules:

1.    Make layovers only in authorized locations.
2.    If your layover is at a bus stop, your doors must remain open to allow customer to board the bus. The only exceptions to the open door policy are as follows:
  • North Terminal: Keep bus doors closed and do not allow customers to board at any time when laying over at North Terminal.
  • Any security or safety concern at a layover, close your doors and notify dispatch: Press RTT – Please Call me and SEND.


If that has happened to you immediately make a complaint and demand compensation. Many people keep expired passes and or transfers for tax purposes and the property is not under ownership by the district nor the operators.
In reality you can report the theft of your property to the police as that is exactly what it is. Your property which has been stolen by a rogue operator or fare inspector

Halloween Bus!

As I mentioned, my 23 San Rafael on Halloween was pretty much one of the coolest bus rides I've ever had.

Here's the gallery!