Friday, November 23, 2012


The executive class in the TRANSIT INDUSTRY operates with an arrogance and opulence that is pornographic to the people that are suffering at their hands. Here we have another of an arrogant executive class:
Top NJ Transit execs get cars for business and commuting |

Ever wonder what garage your bus comes out of

Well wonder no more, Lane Jensen breaks them down:
TriMet Runs by Garage Breakdown | Portland Transit Lane

I don't know what to do about Ellen

Who exactly is this guy Randy Steadman

Labor relations, Employee Relations & Employment Law:

  • Won 60+ administrative claims of discrimination as in-house counsel; no settlements.
  • In private practice, won 100% of trial claims, motions, arbitrations, and NLRB hearings argued.
  • Reduced outside legal expense by 40%.
  • Managed a two-year, highly visible effort to reverse an IT union representation vote that went 55% for the union initially.  After appealing and securing a new election from the Public Employee Relations Commission, prevailed in a 93% vote against union representation.
  • Served as executive contract negotiator in multiple labor contract negotiations.
  • Workplace Practices Group - Randy Stedman - W-P-G Founding Principal

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

TrimetScanner Tweets are HERE!

Roberta Altstadt not happy about re-route being cancelled early

This has happened several times at Trimet

But TRIMET has a lock on the corporate media so we never hear about these incidents, we have had a dozen of these that I know of:

Second OC Transpo driver sent to hospital after reported exhaust leak


"aint gonna happen"
Driver takes off
Do you think this driver 'enjoys' picking people up?
Got to open the gate

Facts have been short in supply when it comes to CRC, C-TRAN or TriMet, hidden from public view


There continue to be more collisions now than the same period last year? So what about all this safety nonsense? The facts are clear, things operated better BEFORE the safety campaign started. Trimet's own chart tells the story


Trimet executives, professional  liars predicted a $12 million dollar shortage.
Well guess what? They had it backwards. (or they just plain lied which is what I believe to be the truth) Trimet has exactly 15.9 million MORE THAN IT PREDICTED! Where is the media? NO WHERE? And now the tyrant Mcfarlane hits his retirees with more additional expenses. Hard to believe that he can actually get away with this behavior.

Figure it out for yourself using TRIMET'S OWN CHARTS and figures:
Actual revenue $466.70 million vs budget $450.8 million


MAX ridership continues falling!

Supervisor reports

What's interesting about all this is the fact that Trimet set up its system with completely open stations and never did a thing about fare inspections since the light rail opened. The reason for that is TRIMET wanted to brag about its system being 'the highest ridership per capita' in the United States, which they achieved.They also had the 'fare evasion square' which operated for years. Now the Federal funds have dried up the 'rulers' of Trimet have decided its time to make the sheeple pay up using GESTAPO like tactics.


Mcfarlanes 'hack' Steadman been here a year now

And has not negotiated even one contract. What does he do all day? Sit around looking out the window? $155k out the window last year and another $155k slated to be thrown out the window this year.

TriMet : News Release - TriMet names new Executive Director