Tuesday, December 4, 2012



Trimet – I Get Hurt on the Bus

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Proposed contract -by a union member who has really studied this

Here is the proposed part (phase I) of the new contract that gets to the heart of the new contract, retiree benefits (for the new hires after the arbitration). So far we know that the retirees that were hired before the arbitration, will receive a 90/10 in benefits upon retiring with 10yrs tenured (of this I may be wrong), for the Blue Cross medical package and I guess 100% from Kaiser. Since this according to the company is not the issue, going forward, just the structure is, and then we need to come up with a way to supplant their “standard” with one that is fair for both parties. Since their contention is that a retiree should not get 100% paid medical for life, and their spouse gets it 10-15 after they pass, this we need to work hard to get something that will be equal and beneficial to those retiring after the arbitration date. Here is what I found out, using the west coast transit agencies, and laying out where we should be, considering that we are better than those agencies: