Sunday, December 16, 2012


Another happy TRIMET couple

Ira on left been there 9 years, new gal on right been there 1 year
Two shaggers in love! And they love Trimet. Trimet has three separate entities, its like working for three completely different companies. Drivers, maintenance, and office. There is no overlap between any of the three. Apparently they have some sort of meeting after a year where all the new employees get together from the three divisions that have worked at Trimet to provide feedback or something. Trimet is doing a very good job with the brainwashing of its new employees. We can forget any solidarity from any of these new employees.

Finally got on one of the new trimet buses

Finally got to ride on the new Trimet bus. Here are my observations.
Does have a strong plastic smell+too bright inside. Readable head sign
The configuration is somewhat different but it appeared to be just another bus. Driver did a good job calling stops even announced how late she was leaving the time point downtown.Have no idea what its like to drive one of these but some operators are pretty disappointed.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
YES! I get to to tomorrow! 15 minutes one way instead of 85 by

I thought I lost this case against Mcfarlane?

According to this document I have not lost

A driver writes

After finishing my run at BTC last week I was standing on the Max platform waiting for my train . I noticed a line of people by the ticket machine , the machine was broken and people were upset . I told them they could go to the buses and buy tickets from the drivers ! You could make a suggestion to Trimet to hang a sign on each machine ," Machine broken see bus driver for tickets !". One last thing , the ticket machine had no ID numbers on the top , they were removed . I guess this is so you cant call dispatch and tell them the machine # ?

TriMet: Fare is fair for you but not them!

Benjamin Kerensa