Monday, December 17, 2012

Last time Trimet responded to anyone on Twitter was Dec 10

“Streetcar Drives Development”―Portland’s Urban Legend

The Oregon Catalyst

TriMet – Transit Investment Priorities Project

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Gillig Hybrid at the garage

From RiderInsider -

Sneak peek: Four new hybrid buses are joining the fleet

Of the 55 brand-new buses we purchased this year, four are next-generation hybrid-electric vehicles. After making the trek from the Gillig bus factory in Hayward, California, the new hybrids are now on site, and our crews are preparing them to go into service. After the buses hit the road in January, we'll be testing them for fuel efficiency and maintenance needs. This year, we began replacing our oldest buses, which are not only uncomfortable for riders and operators, they are unreliable and expensive for us to maintain.

PHOTOS: New hybrid bus at the bus garage

I wonder if Trimet ever paid up on this?

Notice how they used manipulation and deceit to try to get out of this situation.
TriMet owes $3.1 million in Westside Express Service dustup, judge rules |

TriMet Mystery Rider

I spotted this character taking notes on driver call stops,cleanliness and lighting on the bus last night.

Cincinnati says NO while Portland says YES

Mark Mallory is mayor of the city of Cincinnati.Let me make something crystal clear: The city of Cincinnati is not going take money from the Metro bus system to pay for any part of the streetcar project or its operation. (Portland however has gutted its bus service to pay for all its light rail fantasies)

Mallory: No bus money for streetcar | |


Drivers union negotiations with TriMet need transparency |
(notice how the propagandists left him out of the SUNDAY edition)