Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Just sitting at Powell garage with the rest the other evil bus drivers plotting ways to overwork ourselves 

I'm working over twelve hours today to I have to get approval fro the Oregonian first?  

I love messengers with facts. Those with hype well... 

great all this hype I must have misses it. Where was the data proving the driver working more were more dangerous 

I saw you proof that Trimet gets in accidents. Blistering news I'm sure. Unlike All those accident free transit agencies 

I saw your proof that some drivers on occasions work more again stunning 

what I failed to see was any proof of any connection 

you would think with all the hype and news this is getting there would be facts. I know I'm crazy for saying that but come on 

I hope you have some secret facts hidden someplace 

Again no facts so it is hype as hype it is not wrong at all 

I like facts not hype what you did was just hype. Just like when Trimet said there would be no left turns hype is powerful seldom clear 

If I a group of drivers drive more. And they get in the same accident per hour of service then they will have more accidents. Right? 

So I have to get going to earn money to pay for my Cadillac healthcare 

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