Monday, January 7, 2013

Good story on riding the bus

A stranger puts a heartless bus driver in his place:

As I dug through my bag, the bus driver started explaining in a rather pointed tone that the unfortunate stranger had to get off the bus if he couldn’t pay. He returned some reasonable excuses that he had lost his cash. The whole thing was sad and I thought the bus driver could have handled his stress a little more gracefully, instead of being so rude to someone in need. Digging, digging, I had nearly uncovered some change to drop into the chute, but someone else beat me to the punch — this awesome stranger.
With rivaling venom, the awesome stranger interjected, “It’s okay. It looks like someone’s having a really bad day and needs to take a time out.” It wasn’t really to the bus driver directly, but I think he got the point. I’ll never forget how he totally put the bus driver in his place before sliding a spare dollar into the bill acceptor, essentially rendering the (evil) bus driver powerless. It felt like a victory for humanity to see the person in need welcomed onto the warm bus. It’s really not something you see everyday.

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