Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lane Jensen busts another Trimet driver

 I'm not sure what it is about Lane that makes Trimet operators act so stupid, but he seems to have that effect on them. Here we see a Trimet driver plowing right through 2 stop signs.

Trimet – The TriMet Way Award | Portland Transit Lane


Al M said...

I know there are some pretty stupid drivers at Trimet.
But here we have a driver that has a camera pointed right at him and still drives right through 2 stop signs!

Granted TRIMET ignores everything from Lane Jensen, because he is Lane Jensen.

It appears that the driver will show Lane the he can do whatever he wants if Lane is watching.

Maybe that is the Trimet way, drive unsafely on camera knowing that Trimet won't do anything because Lane Jensen is the witness.

Henry Beasley said...

The companies official "non-paid, CODE ENFORCER" at work. What is the pupose here??? Anger at a bus operator who requested that he not be taped or filmed? Then, what is the pupose of putting said operator's work schedule down???? While he is at it, why not put his address and phone number down. Operators do things, that's a fact, we all get that, but what is the purpose????

Al M said...

You do have a point there Henry.
I guess Lane and this driver have been at each others throat for awhile.

Cameron Johnson said...

So is the fact that Lane busted him and put him up for public flogging for the entire city anything more than gleeful vengeance?

Al M said...

The driver blew it CAM, a camera is pointed right at him and he proceeds to blow the stop signs?

Cameron Johnson said...

Agreed. The guy deserves what he gets. I just hope that Lane, knowing this guy probably just potentially ruined his own life, didn't do it for that kind of purpose.