Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I plan to grow a beard buy a black hat with a horse and buggy to commute. Faster and more reliable than

I am like 80% sure that my bus driver on the 15 has been huffing paint thinner.  

Photo: Back in Portland and back on the trimet. Hopefully no one gets on that smells like poo this time....

All four of the max ticket machines are broken, let's see if the TriMet police will believe me... 

Trimet destination sign freeze of the day.

also I am super tired of not wanting my money -- I had to stop off at Pioneer Square to find a machine that took cash. 

Trimet Needs to put a Fuckin Bus stop in front of my House. 

: 2 People blatantly doing drugs at stop 7504 on SE Cesar Chavez. In the bus a minor there. 

I hate taking Trimet people always smelling like shit!

All service is free after 8 PM on New Years Eve. With how poor our service is, you'd expect our service to be free every day.  

Look closely what the writing is above the bus symbol. This is at sw Lincoln & 4th.

Just sittin on the bus, listening to the result of shitty parenting. No it's cool... Everyone loves listening to your kid SCREAMING.  

Getting to fucking Beaverton from troutdale via trimet....I feel like I'm on the great trek. 

Why is the 20 only late on the days that freezing your tits off is a legitimate concern? 

And wait for the next train? Bit unfair...

also free: the vomit on your TriMet seat. 

": my heart races when I think I'm going to miss a MAX." Trimet gives me anxiety. 

Steve, my bus driver, just told everyone to try to stay upright tonight. Also, trimet is free after 8. 

I want to shove every trimet cop off a cliff. 

Poor trimet drivers :( Like c'mon... That'd fucking suck to be the ultimate DD for all over Portland on NewYears Eve!?

Trimet fuck just told me its a $175 fine for putting my feet on the seat like this….. WTF?!?

I plan to grow a beard buy a black hat with a horse and buggy to commute. Faster and more reliable than  

My frozen toes are now a daily reminder that in the morning I'd be able to sleep a half hour longer if I didn't have to take trimet

yeah but now I want a divorce. Which bus exactly ran till 3am because my feet hurt from waking a long long way. :( !! 

MAX packed westbound toward Beaverton... Happy NYE!!  

yep, walking 30 blocks in 30 degree weather was still preferable to taking the overcrowded last trimet drunk bus home. 

Those who usually hate it when people complain about usually don't rely on or even ride it. Easy to disregard if you aren't affected 

Trimet bus almost ran a red. Passenger thrown to front of bus. Sitting halfway in Grand on Hawthorne. Be careful out there 

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