Friday, January 11, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
FUCK YOU . Thank you for driving right past me, bus 12, at stop 13330 at 6:18. I waved, I yelled, and you wouldn't open the doors.


I think you're on to something, live tweeting trimet events and dissecting pdx's shady transportation underbelly 

random question from person on platform: "does this red line airport train go to Clackamas?" No. It goes to the airport. 

Jamie's Trimet Adventures #423- 1/10/13 As you know, I'm all for marijuana. But, this wannabe Gangsta is sitting...

Outbound buses on lines 38,45,54,55&56 should be rerouted onto 1st between Market/Harrison & Sheridan during the Naito construction. 

Bum argument on trimet

Paid $3 for the bus because I didn't have change. Trimet driver gave me an all-day transfer and winked.  

Fuckin trimet yo 😑😑😑👎 

Hey is it a new thing to have your buses late to every stop and your drivers randomly getting off the bus? 

Validator box 306 at overlook stop on yellow line not working. Odds are, I'll be the one screwed for trimet's incompetence.  

Sam dont give a shit anymore RT : Hey , the reader board at 60th Avenue is STILL out. It's been two weeks. 

bought me some mofo lashes . I needed a present after buying that stupid bus pass . fuck still ! 

Okay trimet I didn't want to be THAT late 

2 15's went by at the same time (I just missed), then 20 min, 1 full bus passed us, then 5 min to the next 2 15's at once. What??? 

2nd supervisor to drive past the 8 of us waiting stopped and let us know that the bus was only a few min away. THANK YOU! car 513 

do you have figures on whether the beeping on new buses is at safe noise levels for boarding passengers? It's VERY loud! 

This dude on trimet just told me i was made for greatness and that i should keep that in mind today. Im so flustered right now. 

A woman on the MAX hit the emergency button to say the clothes of a foreign-looking guy made her "uncomfortable". Good grief.  

Driver in bus 3013, line 19 is grumpy today.  

Brilliant plan, . Get fill buses for the 51 route with drivers that don't know the route at all. But thanks for trying. 

I seriously hate taking trimet to school. Anybody go to pcc this early and wanna start letting me carpool w em? Thatd be awsome  

Nice, . Don't give the public service to Washington Park on a day off of school/work. Makes sense. 

Trimet's trip planner wants me to wait 9 minutes to ride a bus for half a mile.  

The two punk guys with patched & worn leather jackets covered in studs strike up a conversation.  

Not only was the bus late (line 88) BUT the bus driver decided to jump out and make a phone call at my stop. Real classy driver ! 

Dude - it's a Trimet train, not gymnastic equipment. You are also not five. Quit using the grab bars as swings. 

Awesome. Not only was the #8 bus late, but the door is now jammed and we're stuck. Thanks for making me late. 

rt 46 "To Fairplex Airport"... At Portland City Hall??????? 

wow, nice lady gave me her xtra trimet ticket. 

fuuuuck , Im getting a car and L's if it kills me 

Please create service alerts for routes affected by the upcoming Naito Parkway re-grading. Thanks in advance.  

Not understanding this bus system right now. Trimet doesn't seem as convenient as they make us believe & to think , I pay a Trimet tax!  

TriMet. Raising your blood pressure since 1969.  

... you guys have to get the ticket machine at the N Prescott Street stop fixed. Just ate 5 bucks off my card, no tix. 

And the TVM machine at Lombard was acting up again. God forsaken machines. If I get fare inspected I'm going to be PO'd.  

Well thanks for making me late for work. I appreciate it. 


another bus, another surly operator. What the heck are you doing to make these employees so rude? 

Tonight, my driver referred to the bus as our "limousine." Sweet. 

New bus smell is like new car smell times ten.

Saw this bus when my SIL drove me home. 2925 -- same bus I tweeted was towed from BTC yesterday AM!!  

Today the bus smells like feet & piss, or eau de hippie.  

Annnnnnd its the lady talking about her arrests at the top of her lungs  

FUCK YOU . Thank you for driving right past me, bus 12, at stop 13330 at 6:18. I waved, I yelled, and you wouldn't open the doors. 

Saw a bus broken down on 26 East, thought chances were good at least one of you would be tweeting about being on it. Lol 

And a driver of an SUV nearly plowed into the side of this bus. 

Gotta say it's especially tacky&poor flatulence etiquette to let literally as you are deboarding making others suffer. 

On today’s episode of (the 8 that’s trapped in time), Driver & OHSU Doc realize they both lead strangers on journeys 

Omg a miracle-a bus that was exactly on time with transit tracker! 

no. 6 is always late in Goose Hallow! 5:08 turns into the 5:18, so I waited and the 5:18 is turning into the 5:28. Still late! 

- what's going on with route 96 northbound? All of a sudden it's 40 minutes late, according to transit tracker. It's cold! 

Dear trimet: Its called a bus stop for a reason... If its not going to stop then why put up the sign?! :\ 

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