Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Sometimes I hate trimet. The MAX stopped & now I missed my bus by 30 seconds... Now I have to wait an hour for the next one....

dayday ‏@daydaypdx
Just because you think you can fit into leggings doesn't mean you should fit into leggings. Ya know. #Portland #trainlife #trimet

Shut the doors, or enforce smoking rules!  

Max stuck. Doors open. Smokers right outside train. I am at risk of asthma attack; sucking on inhaler.  

5101 is over 25 minutes late because the vacation relief driver doesn't know the route. Glad I took 5102 tonight.  

Goddamn ever-receding bus! It's COLD out.  

train #215 closed doors as I ran 2' in front of driver. Hit the button, knocked on drivers window. Sat :45 seconds & wouldn't open. 

Blech this smells like onions. Light change so we can ditch the odor offender! 

A big bright side to GED testing at Pcc Cascade- they have a shuttle from SE campus by my house! I won't have to use ! Liberation! 

You sir, are drunk  

The reader board at stop 7767 continues to be frozen. Time for another installment of…  

On a red line train, not moving at Old Town no announcment either 

At 4:48p, arrival times are off by 12 hours. 

Didn't like + damned hard 2get there. Not last 5 stops: only every 3rd bus goes all the way out there

I like how the buses with the Luminator signs read 12 BARBUR and then read 12 BARBUR BLVD.  

... only about every 3rd one actually goes all the way out to where I worked (not all the dashes)

But why am I freaking out. At least I won't have to walk anymore or ask people for rides or worse...take trimet

What the Hell, TriMet....  

": Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of the city <3" / it's so true cc:  

Trimet sucks but it's nice to ride around and get familiar with my city  

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.  

Overheard on : "In life, we can have anything we want, we just can't have everything we want."  

Why are books of unvalidated tickets no longer available via your vending machines? 

Sometimes there are very sexy people on the bus, but only sometimes.  

I like watching other people watch and judge other people...  

All the hobos are trying to hop the streetcar today. Be a beautiful and less smelly time for fare checkers

@ trimet can hire more drivers, purge $250k patronage mgmt jobs 

Apparently if you stand on the max that welcomes strangers to strike up conversations with you.

That's a new one. bus 35 rolled right past me at SW Macadam & Boundary. I was standing 3 feet in front of bus stop sign. 

Commuters on crowded buses are so loathe to talk to one another that I find myself playing 'Traffic Director'

Never in my life have I seen 5" eyelash extensions, until

. UGH. This little girl won't stop LOOKING AT ME on the bus!  

122nd westbound blue line ticket machine is denying authorizations. Three days in a row now. Three different cards. 

: machine 134 still not taking cards. 135 on the same platform is. 

That being said I wish all drivers were as informative and cordial. The robot voice stop announcer took some of that away from us. 

Thank you driver for telling us after every stop the bus is going to move and to hold on. We had no idea. 

Hey, how about fixing your ticket machines at Killingsworth! They're both broke. Do your job so I can get to mine! 

What are your concerns with using the heat on the Max trains?  

: Well this is getting annoying, second time this week a bus just didn't show up where you pay more for less ... 

Sometimes I hate trimet. The MAX stopped & now I missed my bus by 30 seconds... Now I have to wait an hour for the next one.... 

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