Monday, January 21, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

, it is MLK day and over half of downtown is out of the office. Why are your trains 10+ minutes late? Once again you disappoint me.
But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

I'm suing trimet

I just paid $7.50 for two fairs that did not print, at South Rosa parks stop. Can I get that money back? PS -fix it.  

Spent my whole line 20 ride from btc to Burnside & nw 23 helping the driver through the route. She didn't know where she was going.  

I'm super pist at right now.  

ask for the video footage on line 17 bus 2525 jan 19 2013 645pm to 730pm cellular radiation <Belinda Jackson> 

Machine 111 is having issues...  

Gateway transit center is fucked up!  

Dear f your f'in train driver for leaving me on the platform cuz the f'ing ticket machines hate cash and are slow as molasses 

I wonder if is aware that the electronic display at Lombard TC westbound has been broken for 2 weeks and just doesn't really care. 

TriMet is full of ratchets. But I'm on TriMet. So I guess I'm ratchet. 

thanks for making me late to my GED test. Good thing you're not accountable when you screw your riders over, eh? 

Where is this yellow max headed? It does not know either.  

Time to make a journeyyy today. Such a love hate relationship for the trimet system 

I was gonna be early to work and now I'm late? Thanks -___- 

Fuck Trimet.  

and the bus driver decides that he can be on schedule but not on service, thanks  

you trippin shawty. Get on that, trimet is not wassup!

It is freezing on the train today. Are these double pane windows?  

Due to accident, are the yellow and green lines on detour through downtown? I haven't seen a tweet from  

My buss driver looks like Commissioner Gordon.  

It's time the secrets were exposed!! TriMet drivers are ROBOTS!! And they are COMMUNISTS!! 

I'm working on an exciting video of a traffic light, turning red, yes, I said turning RED!! And a car,,, what about that  

Damn you trimet..nuf said 

OMG, truth is spoken in Portland (genuflect when you say that). MT : Trimet driver just said this is the streetcar to nowhere... 

Foggiest night I've seen so far this winter. 200-ft visibility. (@ Trimet Stop 718)

ticket machine 005 at Gresham TC. ONLY ONE that takes cash!


Again the #6 @ 5951 1:54pm doesn't arrive & drops off tracker.

Bottomless mimosas with results in writing a hysterical sketch about waiting for a bus that never comes. 

WTF ! The 11:45am #6 @ 1114 was 8 minutes out when I stepped off , now it's not even on the tracker! Totally unreliable! 

Shut your screaming child up or get off! This ain't no airplane! What, you in a hurry to ?  

I cant trust trimet any more. Fuck this.

Can you even see out of these bus windows? I can't!

No streetcar for 20 mins?? WTF,

Yes-- the arrival display. For a week now it just says "75 St Johns, 2 min". Doesn't even tell you about the #4. 

Board at 82nd Ave MAX stop has been broken for months. Really crappy service from Tri-Met.

wait a minute. It's a 'holiday'. My bus doesn't run, but you guys have people on twitter? I'd rather have bus service 

Passed up by 2 buses this morning. Not amused when it was 25 degrees.  

Seriously, there has to be more than 10 people here waiting for the 76 right now. Nice move, Trimet

Trimet, putting the 76 and 78 on Saturday schedule for today is your dumbest move yet! 

Guy on the #6 wearing Sketchers 'Butt Shaper' shoes. Folks, manliness has officially died in 2013.

: Stupid . They always disappoint. 

why does the train in front of our train get stuck!? 

Old bus, New upholstery! :)

, it is MLK day and over half of downtown is out of the office. Why are your trains 10+ minutes late? Once again you disappoint me. 

Guy on my bus 94 looks like he's losing his marbles 

Random person who smudged "Have a nice day" in the soot on bus window: Thank you for making me think better of humanity today.  

I hate when doesn't come when it says it is goingto 

It should be illegal for the train you need to take next to leave as your first train is pulling up. Synchronize your schedules

TriMet t(-.-)t  

driver of bus 2150 has no clue where she is going and nothing on bus reader boards of bus#. Also stopped 8 early at stop. 

. Get this guy off of here! NE 82nd ave. green line 



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