Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

WTF ! The 11:45am #6 @ 1114 was 8 minutes out when I stepped off , now it's not even on the tracker! Totally unreliable! 


Train crossing arm at 185th/Basline is malfunctioning. A TriMet worker is operating it manually  

This is why I fuckin hate TriMet

Fuck Trimet bus routes 1,44,45,54,56 none of you fuckers can pass when I'm here. Why!? Im freezing! 

didn't see any tweets about this but the max crossing arm at Willow Creek is acting bonkers creating nightmare on 185th Ave

This bus said 3 miniutes and it's been like 10 smh the games Trimet be playing 

14 bus going downtown was late this morning. It's also freezing out. Please get it together.  

Ghost - when a bus is supposed to show, and even is displayed on arrival countdown, and then mysteriously disappears and never comes 

you're down to 1 machine out of 3 at Milliken Way. 

I fucken hate Trimet

. how about a seperate train car for nonbathers and white kids who rap? 

I wish was fixed... freezing and slidding walking to the bus stop. Stupid cracked water

machines 635,636 at Clackamas are not taking CC, please fix them or have a better "out of order" screen please. Missed train again. 

girl hocks a loogie at the tracks, takes 2 steps back wipes her nose with her coat sleeve. Stay classy Portland! 

It's not a good sign when there's duct tape literally holding the front door on the bus together,

Thanks, for simply not showing up. Arrival time on your tracker comes and goes as if a train was here.  

(Maybe this is one of the ghost trains from last week?? Boo!) 

Geez it can't be this hard to keep these things up and running

Nice to see the quick-reply customer service phone line is closed today but their slow-as-hell to reply Twitter people are here 

If you see me on trimet don't talk to me or I will kill you 

My bus ride tonight was on a bus that had a buzzer that wouldn't shut up the whole 45min ride. Thanks,  

Cool. line 4 just broke down. .

Come on, train. I wanna go home! @ TriMet Convention Center MAX Station

"I can't wait until young people don't care anymore whether they look lame." -girl on lamenting lack of dancing at local live shows 

Especially poetic, , as it happens I sprained said ankle chasing an early bus in the first place.

Cool how policy says I (a guy w/sprained ankle) must run alongside, 3 blocks, in the dark. Just let me on the damn bus! 

bus! 10 mph, steady as she goes. (gonna be a long commute once again)  

Why are CTran's buses so nice and clean while you haven't washed yours in ages? It's not like they run in different climates. :) 

I'm so tired of Trimet's BS. 

Finally on the bus after an hour. Suck my small toe, Trimet

Gross. driver announces Walmart stop as "Wally World" 

This old man on the bus looks so upset that babies exist.  

Mouth breathin' on the bus.  

6 trains waiting to get on trimet is broken for bikers

Accepting donations to help buy better earbuds for aholes on the train that refuse to turn their crappy music down.

Another fail on the last 92 to Beaverton? Happens regularly with no info to be had. Pathetic. My tax and fare money at work. 

Why did our driver turn off the interior lights while driving the Rex portion of line-19? She announced first, but it’s pitch black. 

On the coldest day yet, obviously both my buses just...don't show up.  

Again this was on max train. Stunk. Like poop. make a bike car  

Next week when you have yet another MS audit you should throw Trimet under the.. well. the irony is apparent. lol. 

I just love getting a seat on The that someone has warmed up for me! I love it when my fellow riders are so





Steve Fung said...

Those are hilarious tweets.Adrian's
comment on the dirty buses is gold.

Henry Beasley said...

The dirty bus strikes again!!! I love it when people use Transittracker, its almost never accurate, they need to use PDXTransit, it works by GPS, not the sham of the schedules.