Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Drunchies and I have to pee sooo bad. Won't be home for another hour. fuck trimet. Teleport me bitch I gotta pee once again,

What's wrong with this picture? line 21 train 37

For a week now, this reader board at SW 6th/Main has said the next No. 17 arrives at 5:23 am (it's 3:03 pm)  

Winkie trimet driver. Not sure if hitting on me or olde fashioned.

Stupid trimet thinks I have all its time 

Seriously, , why did you order new buses with such uncomfortable seats? They make my butt sad. :( 

machines at Clackamas are not taking card transactions:-(. Seems like the cold makes all the machines not work. Please fix. 

I'd appreciate if the 52 would leave on time. We're 6, minutes late already  

The ticket printed and I rushed towards the front car to hang my bike, but the driver closed the doors and pulled away. 

Please consider making it easier to report ticket machine problems. It's easier to tweet; the current feedback method is too hard. 

it's not that trimet doesn't's that you have only one option for incompetent public transit service. 

Actually I saw my first crazy guy on the bus today. In all these years, I hadn't seen someone interesting on Trimet until today. 

nice long commute from Hillsboro this morning chock full of delays. Why is it so difficult?  

FU trimet. Always shutting the door when I'm six feet away. 

whenever I ride dtown, the person who sits next to me always smells like piss.  

So now I'm freezing and have been waiting for the stupid bus for almost 40 minutes because is so incompetent.  

Seriously, I'm so tired of paying for something that doesn't even show up and get me to work when I need to.  

If I had a dollar for every time the 33 just hasn't shown up in the last couple of months, I'd probably have about $15.  

At TriMet station in Portland & guards came along to swap out cash box. Perfect opportunity for a heist, but missing a monkey.  

the citybound ticket machine at Kenton MAX has refused to vend day passes for weeks now 

This is why I don't fuck with Trimet. They asses aint never on time! 

SLOW commute downtown pdx on max from Elmonica today. Long waits at each stop for unknown reasons.  

yes. Can't fault the staff who spends 2hrs on public transport to do a 20 min drive when. doesn't show up! 

has happened multiple times with different staff. It's a issue. I will file complaint today. 

I had to drive to LO at 10pm last night to pick up staff at bus stop, didn't show & next was scheduled an hour out 

Not at all. We have client in LO and will require all caregivers to drive. routinely cancels that bus mid-stream 

Dear : Believe it or not, people RELY on the bus in Lake Oswego to get to & from work at night and in the morning.  

Got lectured by a 4 driver about using the bus lane, while he refused to let my lady off where she wanted. Two wrongs make a right? 

Drunchies and I have to pee sooo bad. Won't be home for another hour. fuck trimet. Teleport me bitch I gotta pee once again,  

Oh Trimet, I love your invisible phantom busses passing my stop. If love is a seething rage ^_^ 

"Arriving in, two minutes." - its 15 minutes later. 

Why have transit tracker, if it's never accurate?  

By all means 99 driver, hop off the bus while at the transit center & go somewhere. We're only 20 min late. No biggie.

Alessandra peraza doesnt understand the trimet system...and now we're in front of a haunted hospital 

, this light at the 82nd Avenue MAX station has been flickering for at least a month. Please fix that.  

Nothing like throwing a 1 car train on the Green at rush hour.  

That transit cop was attractive if I do say so. 

I am way to average and normal looking to be riding trimet right now. 

It always reeks of onion & garlic breath on the 5 o'clock MAX & bus lines.  

Remember when we were on our way back from Warner pacific and we saw Snoop Dogg on Trimet?! hahaha  

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