Monday, January 7, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Message to my backup ride home just now: I hate with the gravity of a billion black holes.

Lovie Smith may have accepted a job in Portland driving bus for the . Driver looks just like him & just kicked someone off.  

57 to beaverton, fuk u and you early pass 

If someone's to fat on a plane they have to buy 2 seats do fat people on trimet also have to buy 2 tickets when their fat ass takes 2 seats 

Absolutely no one on the max.. Hell yeah..

What is with the puke green moss on the Max trains? Is this trimets new color? Looks unprofessional! 

Brand new neuron pathway I just built, in earnest: "It has that 'new bus' smell." Thanks, TriMet

The person in the front of the bus smells!!!  

Line 12 bus2937 the employee just glared at me for about 1min do u know me ? I DONT KNOW U... <Belinda Jackson> 

Hey the reader board at 60th is still broken.  

bus 2550 line 72 638am and your employee is intentionally impeding his bus to accommodate harassment  

It's really astonishing how many deranged assholes and morons there are on at 6am on Saturday

I mean I'm 9-2 and 9:30-5, but I have to be up at like 6:30 still. Frick Trimet. Last term I had 8am classes tho. :P 

Night of the jackass bus drivers. Now TriMet driver, 1 min before “departure”, is on phone & smoking while passengers wait in the cold. 

Fuck Trimet 

my hand is turning purple in this 36° weather after waiting 34 minutes and having a bus driver pull

Trimet has really cleaned up the MAX! - Says the Homeless Man.  

ticket machine 43 is out again, 82nd MAX. Only cash machine here. I lost track how many times this one has broken down.  

Dear Jesús. Please pull your fucking pants up dude.

Smells good on this bus! Somebody just went to their dealer. #420 

RT: "Welcome to Portland, we don't care about your safety on our Tri-Met system"  

58....why are you 5mins's Sunday with no traffic... Oh well.  

This whole not driving thing sucks. Fuck Trimet

maann, I wish I was ;( fuck a trimet lol 

Geez, this bus driver is REALLY GOOD at slamming on the breaks at every single stop sign. Every. Single. Day.  

ticket machine 43 is out again, 82nd MAX. Only cash machine here. I lost track how many times this one has broken down.  

Oh how I love trimet.  

Girl's crying on TriMet bc a client cancelled on her so she missed her stop and not doesn't know where she is

I really wish would add runs on the 9 going downtown in the morning. There isn't enough room for everyone going to PSU. 

This bus is running soooo slow. There is now way I am going to be downtown in 20 minutes.

this is exactly why i hate riding trimet! fat bitches take up all the room, stanky ass niggas & rude ass ppl ...  

I'm moving to Forest Grove. Wonder how TriMet Bus #57 will compare to #33 from Oregon City (hope bus stop is less scary @ least)  

. 14 just blew past stop at se 11 and Madison. Lots of us waiting, what gives? 

I hate the max. I hate the bus. I hate trimet

There should be a way to have buses turn off their AVL temporarily if they are completely full and not picking up more passengers 

Kayla: "Yes, yes!! This is what I like dream for!"-A trimet 4 bus with only a few people on it.......... 

I can't wait till I get my license. I don't have to worry about taking that damn trimet ever again.

fails again by just mysteriously calling the 614 max from Hillsboro "not in service." 

Message to my backup ride home just now: I hate with the gravity of a billion black holes. 


Been waiting 30 minutes for the 15 downtown  

I swear trimet is testing me... they want me to burn something down I am sure

The #44 route is straight out of a made for tv movie about Pacific Northwest serial killers.  

wow just stood outside of a MAX that was stopped for 5+ mins and the driver wouldn't open the door. Blue line at 5th & Morrison. 

Giving society the finger. "Don't sit here"... NO @ TriMet E 102nd Ave MAX Station

Big fuck you to Trimet 

RT : Fare inspector at the Rose Quarter, bitches....  

60 year old white man with pigtails using a bag of Gordon's Fisherman brand fish sticks as his purse.  


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