Friday, January 4, 2013

Mr Rigsby goes on one of his classic Trimet Twitter Rants


I wonder if I'm doomed to purgatory for being nauseated when people discuss religion on the bus. 

Group of delinquent kids lighting themselves on fire, literally, at Jeld-Wen station. That'll end well.  

Shallow end of the gene pool tends to drain itself given time 

some kid was literally lighting the back of another kids shirt on fire & putting it out 

scientific proof that Stupid is Flammable 

Stupid is Flammable 

with the amount of brains these people have Zombies would starve 

Rule 1. Every bus except yours will be running on time. 

it's like public transit roulette 

pretty sure they watch Twitter and plan it that way. :P 

yeah it's like bus dominoes. Especially sucks when it takes 3 transfers to get home 

screwing with our heads is probably the only entertainment they get 

9 hrs work, 5 hrs commute, 5 days a week. I feel like I live on the damn bus 

Galaxy Note 2 spotted on the bus. Damn that's a massive phone. 

yeah I thought this Nexus was large when I got it. It's like half the size as the Note 2 

Mr Rigsby  continues making funny tweets but veered from Trimet right about here

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Erik H. said...

God I love my car...and I don't miss TriMet.

I miss the great Operators but that's about it. My wife commented "Now that you don't ride TriMet, what are you going to talk about?"

You know...I've put some serious thought into some new hobbies. And my mood has been remarkably more positive the last two weeks. I feel better, I wake up better, I'm not tired when I get home...and the ONLY thing that has changed is not taking the bus.

Good luck, Mike...good luck, and I wish you the best as you carry on with what I've dealt with for the last ten years and finally had enough.