Saturday, January 19, 2013

Neil's Bullshit!

Healthcare? When we need new offices? Forget it!
My sincerest thanks to the hard working crew of ‘Moving Together.’ This weekend they completed a gargantuan task – shuffling over 200 of us to new or temporary office space and emptying out Center Street for its upcoming refurbishment. This morning when we got to work we found a very organized space, with computers and phones working, and all so efficiently done. IT did a great job getting all the wires connected, and not crossed!

I want to thank specifically the hard working team of Moving Together including Dave Unsworth, Judy Munro, and Carol McCormick. I also want to thank our great IT staff – particularly Matt Fouts and Vitaliy Kovalenko – and each of the moving coordinators for all the hard work. Finally, I want to thank everyone who moved, who packed and purged, all for the better.

You all know that long neglected Center Street is to become a state of the art operations center housing control/dispatch, our call center, training, and operations management. It will definitely be worth waiting for – so I look forward to the day when it's done – and we are all no more than a short orange line ride apart. (this is so insulting to the riders and union employees that the arrogant management has just purchased itself brand new digs while stealing our health insurance and cutting services. Just downright disgraceful but expected from a bunch of ego maniacs that we have in charge of Trimet now)

Thanks again to all the staff who participated in the big shuffle.



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