Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trimet crazy nonsense

A Merlo driver actually got a warning on their car because they didnt park in between the lines?
The question is WHY?
There are plenty of empty spaces at the Merlo garage so this is outrageous.


Cris Orlando said...

This operator and I do not know who it is but I know the car does this everyday. I think because they have a nice car they think that they can take up multiple spots by parking at an angle, but you know what don't drive it to work then if you are so worried about it. I have come to work multiple times and had to park further away because this person thinks they are special.

Al M said...

Actually I know who you are talking about and it wasn't even him.

This ticket got issued who NEVER PARKS CRAZY like so many do!

Cris Orlando said...

ahhh ok I got caught assuming lol