Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trimet runs on overtime

When I started at Trimet one of the things you had to endure was the 'line training' That's where you do a full time run with a 'line trainer' who is a full time operator.

 Make a long story short, some of those line trainers were good and some not so good. I got stuck with one of the 'not so good' line trainers that was a full 12 hours long. It started at 6am and ended at 6pm. On that day I almost quit Trimet. I had never in my life experienced what I thought was work related abuse. The line trainer made me drive almost the whole time and I was so miserable I almost walked right off the job right there.

 It was at that moment where I knew I would never be a full time operator at Trimess.  12 hours of driving a bus is not something a 'normal' human being would ever wish on themselves. I stayed part time at Trimet and it was a reasonably decent job up until the Mcfarlane regime took power and ruined what was left of our work environment.

Portland Transit Lane has done some research which shows us how much work is expected of Trimet full time bus drivers. Of course there will be  high sickout rate  when the rigors of holding such a job require such huge personal sacrifice. The lifestyle involved in being a full time bus operator at Trimet is downright horrendous in my opinion. Transit needs a complete overhaul in it's structure.  Transit will continue failing as long as it follows this failed structure. Not only is the current structure expensive but it leads to many hours off the job due to work related sicknesses.

 Trimet – Overtime For the Wicked


Nedwell said...

As a fellow former Trimet part timer, at the decision point to go full time, I knew full well that I'd have to go from a maximum 30 hour work week to a 55 hour week, full of split shifts and late night runs.

Until you get some seniority to choose otherwise, you trade an overtime padded pay check for a life outside of driving.

Henry Beasley said...

Amen, Amen