Friday, January 11, 2013

Trimet unsung hero's

Station Agent Mike Arronson keeps Trimet rolling
The 'station agent' is the person who struggles daily to make sure runs are covered and minimize run cancellations. They have to juggle the various personalities that are bus drivers and attempt to keep them happy and productive.
This particular station agent is most likely the best station agent at Trimet.(followed closely by Betsy Welter)  Always friendly, always trying to see that operator needs are met and hugely loved by the operators at Merlo garage. Never heard one bad thing about this guy and never had one single negative interaction with him when I worked there. I had my problems with many of the station agents employed by Trimet, but this guy sets the standard for excellence as a station agent.
For all the pontificating from Mcfarlane and Lomax, if they left tomorrow nobody would care.
If Mike Arronson left tomorrow there would be plenty of upset drivers. People like Mike Arronson keep Trimet rolling.


Steve Fung said...

Mike and Betsy are the best!

Cris Orlando said...

WOW AL you finally got something right LOL just kidding. You have brought a whole bunch of important things to light lately and I'm glad to see you giving credit to someone who doesn't get near enough for his ability to show that he really cares about those he sends out in the field. We have lots of great station agents, these are the people who can get our day off to a good or bad start and have to listen to our bitching and griping and although many of them are great people very few can come close to what Mike brings every single day when he shows up for work.

Jason McHuff said...

What about Janet (when she was there)?

Al M said...

Janet was great, but she is not there anymore