Thursday, February 14, 2013

A reader writes

Its light rail that is bankrupting tri messss not the union workers. Tri Messs has been going down the vortex hole the last 15 years as they have gone deeper and deeper into light rail debt. Where "IS" the empirical data that proves Mc Farlands claim about workers health insurance being the most expensive in the country? Compared to what other transit agencies? No evidence, just flat out propaganda supplied by the media over and over. If you say enough times people will believe it, right!
Media has been one sided only reporting opinion lack of evidence to sway the public against hard working people. Drivers are  dealing with a multitude of   un educated  Oregon public school dropouts who can't read or count and are totally dependent on government for all their needs. 
When I first hired on at Tri Messss 15 years ago I was told I would be driving professionals and working people. They didn't explain that these people were gang bangers, generations of welfare family's, drunks, felons, prostitutes,  drug dealers and their clientele.
On any given day the bus will be full of  Mitt Romney's identified 47 percenters. These are the people who  will be asking for their free entitlement ride as they talk on their Obama phone wanting to be dropped off at the methadone treatment, probation, social security  or welfare office. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have been cussed out in languages other than English. And when I don't understand what they are asking they say it louder as if I am going to be able to understand a foreign language when they are screaming it at me.
On any given day drivers are at risk of being stabbed, physically attacked, spit on from people whom have hepatitis c or coughed on by some illegal alien who may have tuberculoses.  We are forbidden to carry a permitted concealed weapon to protect ourselves.  We drive the people around that cops pick up and take to jail. Most cops I talk to said they wouldn't even want our job.
Well in 12 years McFarland just may get what they want a Tri Messss. A lot of illegal drivers they picked up off of MLK to fill the seat of the busses and get that cheap labor they are seeking. And the cheap labor will be saying they are doing the work that Americans don't want to do. Just like the restaurant, lawn care and hotels across the country has experienced.

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