Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bill Lascher goes on a Trimet twitter rant

*shockingly* the Max platform at Prescott street isn't printing tickets for me.

aaaand the other machine says no payment cards accepted. I think today I'll test the "get off at the next platform and get back on thing."

I'm tempted to cross the street to an ATM but assures me I'll be fine w/ the next platform game. I should trust them, right?

And what do you know? The MAX yellow doors closed INSTANTLY when I stepped out to buy a day pass at the next stop - overlook. win!

Dear . I love being stranded on platforms because your machines don't work and I tried to follow the rules.

BTW the fare machine at the overlook SB platform isn't accepting bills and is telling me my card type isn't accepted. It's a VISA.

even better to realize that I still couldn't get a ticket. Should I try at the next platform & get left behind again?

Will the constantly down fare machines will make the mobile payment system 's beta testing more palatable? That's not how to win.

I'm starting to believe that's more likely to get me to my destination on time.

part of the problem is 's error message often doesn't stay on screen long enough for a pic. And what if I didn't have camera?

Especially in this second case where cash payments are down. Lower income folks probably more likely to pay cash, not have camera.

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