Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You have no idea the fury I have in my heart for and McFarlane's bullying, abuse, lies, manipulation and selfishness right now.

Did he mention the costs of the new office for TriMet's upper class? The multiple new 50-100k bureaucratic jobs hired in this hiring freeze?

Has he even proposed delaying construction on the MAX line until the budget is in order? Short lining it? Has he brought up his own salary?

How about the millions spent of failing equipment? Millions that could have restored every single service cut since 1998?

Money that could have gone towards making fares affordable for the lower income class they regularly shit upon?

Or does he go straight for the vulnerable? Threatening to remove all service to get the public to hate the union?

Threatening to ruin the lives of those who are forced to use TriMet, who rely upon it, to bend then to their will, shackled to the service?

I'll tell you this much. I don't hate the union. I don't have the drivers. I hate management. I detest McFarlane and the board.

I detest McFarlane for having no respect for his riders or his drivers, only for his own bottom line. I detest the board for doing nothing.

The union benefits are but a nickel in the piggy bank of TriMet, but targets them and riders to get eyes off of their corruption.

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