Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Wow, people really DO go from the back of the bus, past the back door, to exit out the front. I thought that was an asshole myth.

kid whines to parent "why do we *always* have to ride the train?" parent says "because we're too poor to own a car."

Ya it was weird as hell. Lol. Damn trimet people I tell ya!

Thanks for coming two minutes early and making me 30 minutes late to class.

On my 19 bus tonight: guy w/ a carnation and bow tie & the Pioneer Place statue guy who is painted silver ALL OVER & has a top hat

This MAX system map is from September 2009. Safe to say that thing is basically useless by now. On train 110.

2x in 1 day your red line drivers have basically slammed doors in my face. I don't want to call your customer service line, fix it.

Hey stay in your damn lane

Oh sweet mother of God this Max train literally smells identical to skunk spray....

RT : Bus driver just parked bus to run into #7-11. She came back with chips.

I love you guys but the bus not showing up will make me late for a class in which I have a test that is 1/3rd of my grade. :(

"Wtf is Trimet?"....... o.O

Trimet police didn't check me for a pass but others lol

He clowns next to me on trimet are playing Yonkers out load. They must go hard

Would it be worth it to knock the crap out of the dude on the for walking the aisle with his penis out? Kids are on here!

I just missed an appointment because the max is nearly 20 minutes late! Not cool

I wish Trimet provided decontamination tanks. I feel filthy after riding the bus.

Someone leaves duffle bag on . bus. Driver takes bag and puts on dash. No concern. In 2013, aren't unattended bags a risk? I got off

Livin that trimet life!

ugh that ride is the pits. Good luck on your midterm!

Fuck trimet!!!!

Junior year it's for driving to school , hate Trimet 😡

the MAX trains are filthy! It seems we spend lots of tax money on new rather than basic maintenance.

Trimet and their fucking games smh I really need a whip

Can't wait to work all day and then spend 90 minutes via trimet to get to Rock Creek campus for my math midterm. Can't f***ing wait

WES scheduled to depart Beaverton now. Haven't even heard its horn in the distance yet.

It's never a good sign when your bus has to stop and "reset the battery" twice inside a mile.

Fuck trimet . I need a car .

This bus just went from hoagie to BO to hot chocolate, all over the course of one guy lifting his arm.

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