Thursday, February 14, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Would it be worth it to knock the crap out of the dude on the for walking the aisle with his penis out? Kids are on here!

this is time 3 of 3 that this driver is late for just my stop. Whoever is driving bus 2931 right now is consistently late...

TriMet woes continue - Makes my current drive up Naito that much more pleasurable : )

is so steamy that you can't see out. Not a sexy kinda steamy either. Ventilation system not working?

Stupid trimet fucking up my life

Guy in front of me has face tattoos and is cleaning his fingernails with a knife.

Bus2619 line12 check video man tan baseball cap/Jacket next2belinda jackson tells your driver what to do to facillitate harassment

: Class field trip on trimet?? Smh” ain't nobody got time for that!

Well is definitely a valentine's day killer. Thanks for the crappy yellow line service.

Trimet, you messin up

Oh thank god is back up and running. A shuttle bus was the last thing I'd wanted to do.

. Asking again y can't u keep trains yellow/green/y/g during disruption? Y we yellow riders have to see 3 green go by???

The yellow line just yo

machine 80 at Oak & SW 1st is down.

Pretty well trapped in downtown. And I left work early to try to get home early! Fucking !

Love it when the max is out and the bus that's supposed to be here doesn't show. Thanks TriMet!

Trimet ruins my life

okay, 4:54pm at Lloyd MAX and not a bus bridge or supervisor in sight. When can we ever expect "on time" from TriMet???

Roses are red, violets are blue, those colors are out on the MAX, and green is too!

cause it worked so well when that guy stole someone's bike? Nobody pulled the video then.

Just got kicked off my MAX train, there is a disabled train ahead and ours is heading back the opposite direction.

Dear Portland & , your commute is officially hosed. Do we have your attention? :)

Fuck TriMet police.

"I was about to uppercut a bitch!"

Updating twitter on the bus makes me feel motion sick.

deciding to end a full wb train going to Hillsboro at 185th and making everyone get on to the next overloaded train is just

2 hours on trimet sux!

So many men with bouquets on

Still waiting by the time the Max gets here, it'll be breathing room only. All this for a 9 minute ride. .

If the green doesn't show up thrice in a row, I demand an alert so that I can plan an alt route ahead of time. Screw you ! Time is $.

where’s the yellow line? Standing at pioneer sq for 25 minutes now…

Trimet, you so useless.

Dear green line, You're nothing but a useless piece of . Consensus of all the pissed off riders.

No delay messages, no updates, no nothing. I must of not been made aware was running on holiday schedule on valentines day.

Where the heck are you green line? you never cease to disappoint me. Thanks.

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