Monday, February 4, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Seriously. Fuck this girl and her farting on the . We're in a moving box... STOP! Clench like the gods till you get off.

Wow. At 5pm trimet the 58 needs 15 min headways this isn't safe. trimet

Well now there's a smell I have not experienced before. Mixture of beets, cabbage and tobacco juice perhaps?

Is this safe? bus in a NO parking zone (not a bus stop) blocking view; bus stop 100 ft N w/safe pullout

Wow I have never been on a bus that smelled so new! !

4:21, SW Main & 6th, driver of bus 14 shuts the door in my face & drives off as I knock on it.

I guess that's better than the TriMet method of doing whatever they want without public vote...

I be seeing some interesting people on Trimet.

. line 96 over 20 minutes late.

Yep me and chris reppin da trimet this moanin

the ticket validator at stop 8367 (148th & burnside blue line westbound) has been out of service for awhile now.

the trimet bus driver told me I looked pretty today☺

Fuck trimet on my momma bitch ass niggas.

Bus 1630 has the screech your ears off brakes & sounds like it will rattle to pieces. I think it's trying to tell you something, ...

What the hell TriMet.

You know it's in when your operator starts wearing shorts.

random act of kindness: MAX Blue Line-2 strangers discover they're both cancer survivors & exchange info to do Komen 5K together

My bus 70 this a.m. on SE 13th thought it was a bus 75 on 39th, told the driver & he said garbage in/garbage out.

Just accidentally threw my wallet in a trimet garbage can

Ok the MAX is infested with homos right now. Full on Faggle realness..

If I miss kickoff I'm calling trimet and reporting this bitch

linne 12 bus 2930 for the life of me cant figure out why you driver is seeking direction from the passenger in front of me?

would you please move the designated smoking area AWAY from the MAX? It makes me SICK!! 

just watched a car try to dart from behind the TriMet, then hit a VERY visible cyclist, almost hit 2 more on 11th/Division, then try to run

only 1 car at rush hour?

Not even gonna lie, the trimet cops I've seen today are really hot.

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