Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Why is my bus driver announcing all the reader board specials into the mic as she drives by the shops and restaurants on Powell?

more : rider/official greeter (and the helpful Operator) brighten the day for Line 77 riders.  
and their late buses nearly prevented me from getting the medical treatment I need. Luckily, the 77 was far later than the 72!

Male mastrubating on Trimet bus

I bet you'd see a noticeable drop in local cold & flu cases if bothered to clean their buses and trains.

This has been one HELL of a morning. Google maps and trimet you are both pissing me off

you call THIS frequent service? 28 minutes for a train?!?! Where's the alert?

Bus 1627 with 's new BDS failure. Still can't hear the announcements if you try. Bravo, . *slow clap* *crickets*

Every time ive been at the max stop at 148th, the ticket validate is never working.

How does trimet get away with being late for everything? Every stop is a new job. And if you're late to every job in your day. You're fired!

Trimet Rocks... Is the opposite of how I feel.

stupid 57 bus got to stop 5618 two minutes early and I just missed it. Write up the driver. Showed up at 6;41 not 6:43.

Hey, - your 224B car on the Blue line is stuck on the Rose Quarter stop display, even though we're closing in on Hollywood.

wtf is wrong with Trimet today?!?!

RT : When people chase after the Max... ” LMAAOO!! 😂😂😭 Nobody got time to wait for another one!

Damn, 3 fare inspectors on one trimet ride. That's a record.

Great idea for to send a yellow line train north with 2 cars at rush hour.

Trimet driver fronting hard. Oop. Someone just held the door; more fronting to follow.

All these Trimet pigs can suck a fat one

I wish they'd get rid of the old MAX cars. Those seat are church-pew hard.

And the driver of bus 2291 (rte 14) just refused to pick up a large group of waiting riders on Hawthorne. Unacceptable.

How can you claim you stunt when you were the 2012 Trimet customer of the year

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