Thursday, February 7, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
How does trimet get away with being late for everything? Every stop is a new job. And if you're late to every job in your day. You're fired!

I'm 30 minutes late to work. I waited for a bus 45 minutes. Thank you TriMet.

Not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to wear a white skirt on a bus.

Anyone ever wonder like, what if trimet didn't exist?

Police just went to check for trimet passes at the max and I didn't have it. Surprisingly let me off without much question

elderly asian man line 19 bus 2300 boarded bus sat across from minor and unbutton his pants

Trimet cops me la pelan 👊

Why does nobody every plan a party bus....trimet style? Think about it...this could be epic!

Super fun happy hour *and* a free ride on Trimet thanks to a busted ticket taker.

Trimet tracker is 0 for 4 with my trips today.

redline 4mins late at Burnside max ctr now stopping on bridge come on it's morning rush <Belinda Jackson>

Thanks for making people choose between buying a ticket or missing the train.

We are still on rush hour at 8am. 20 minute service on the max not acceptable.

Non injury. Someone complained of neck pain (free chiropractor visit anyone?) re: semi v bus

No trimet please be more inconsistent and unreliable

I really need the TriMet police to check my pass so I feel justified having spent so much money on it!

A seat finally opened up on this packed 72... right next to the stinkiest guy on the bus. Figures.

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.

validator at mt hood headed to dwtn V209 is not working orange arrow down.

15 minute wait for a full #15 bus, get it together

#2277, route 12, current driver EXTREMELY antagonistic and unhelpful, refused to give me tix stub. -respectful commuter

Trimet really dnt care, this lady really just skip 5 stops.

This is the wrong place to stand on with a bike.

. You know, I called CS when it first happened and was told the error was noted and to "go to the next stop and buy a ticket there."

Someone on this bus smells like charred piss.

Geez, this 96 operator has blown three red lights total so far.... whatever gets me home quickest I guess

Fare inspected four times in three days - twice on the same train. I guess Trimet means business.

(1/2)Dear driver: if i am a second late to your stop, I'd rather you leave me behind than give me a lecture about being late.

(2/2)I would have made the transfer on time if the last bus wasn't fucking late.

Nothin really beats watchin the homeless make out with their dogs

I have to wait 40 min for the bus! on my birthday!? Damn you Trimet... damn you

NW 11th & Everett machine is broken.

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