Wednesday, February 6, 2013


“Portland feels like it is already there--and they are pretty laid back and casual. There is a joke that goes, ‘When you flip the lights on in Portland, they’ll turn on a little bit more slowly than anywhere else--and maybe only half will come on, but everyone will say ‘it’s okay’. There is a passive acceptance of ‘we’re already there’ and we don’t need to push because we’re already Portland. Whereas the Twin Cities still has that push for something better--they’re recreating themselves.”
I sure do of course, from the 'golden' era of Trimet from whence I came. He was one of the TRIMET GOOD GUYS. Anyway he appears in this gushy pro Portland article. (it seems that every article I have ever read that is not from Portland is gushy about Portland)

In Portland, a whole generation of people think of TriMet and the Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) light rail as inseparable from the city’s identity. (where do they come up with this stuff?)

Public Transit Head to Head: Portland versus Minneapolis

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