Sunday, March 3, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
One thing I have learned while in Seattle -- Seattle bus drivers don't mess around. Trimet, you could use some pointers.

S/O to the stupid fucking trimet rent a cop whore who gave me that $175 citation tonight! Now I gotta tell the judge I ain't paying shit.

It's always comforting when the bus smells so strongly of disinfectant that your eyes water the whole ride home. Ewe.

3/1/13 1251P SE Milwaukie&Center 2?28 turns onto Milwaukie while crosswalk occupied by 80+ yrs old

Door open, bus still running. Driver anounces: "be back in a minute" & goes to use bathroom.......reasons is never on time.

3/1/2013 bus #2?25 line 19 Nbound zooms through crosswalk @ SE Center Street while attempting to cross

Tonight on line 20: a container of salt rides the bus

Haha. Now they screwed up the line train box. And why is the overhead displaying the wrong destination? This bus has a new BDS!

How many supervisors does it take to fix a bus's overhead sign?

Dear people on the max, let people off first before you shove your way on.

Also don't bring your little weiner dogs on a packed train. Narrowly avoided getting pissed on by one.

Taxes went okay until I got to the TriMet/Portland business mess. That's enough paperwork for today.

Is it possible for drivers not to leave early, especially when its a transfer point to a notoriously late line.

Mom- we are sueing Trimet for public indecency, battery, breech(breach?) of contract, and hurt feelings :'(

I've seen two line 12's four line 71's a ctran bus but no 21. Someone please explain to me the logic in that!

Thanks to the horrible planning at I missed my 21 by seconds . Another 30 minute wait for me!

I need a fuckin car Trimet sucks!

Dear when your buses run 5-10 minutes late it makes transfers damn near impossible

One of the perks of riding the bus is hearing lines like this: "I'm not a hipster; I'm from Fargo."

I love it when your Trimet ticket runs out five minutes before the bus would have arrived. Seriously, though, walking: underrated.

OH on : "Where'd you go to school?" "Washington State." "Was you in a paternity?"

Shame on for undermining solidarity between bus-drivers and riders by automating transfer times.

-- last train leaves the airport just before midnight. :(

Thanks for telling me the driver said I couldn't stand there, lady. ?

This guy sitting next to me on the bus reeks of a smell combined of a lot of baby shampoo and nastiness

bus 1821 on line 6270 has the worst squealing brakes ever. They even try to squeak when the bus is moving

Oh hey. It showed up. Just 6 minutes late. Aka, late enough to make me just miss my transfer to the 62. Love you too, ...

Of course the 1:31pm train WB at jeld wen is a no show. Not like it's Sunday & trains have terrible schedule frequency... OH WAIT.

Attn RT : Bus driver threw black man and 2 Spanish speaking women off for not having exact change, but white guy's ok

The guy next to me thinks it's ok to blare a TV show on his portable player just because he has a kid with him. At least it's

your driver of the 15 bus #1536 is excellent at conflict resolution! Handled a bad situation super well! :)

Hey can you drivers please stop randomly stopping to go to the store? I'm trying to get to work.

I love that all day trimet tickets expire at 2am the next morning.

Sometimes I hate you , you do a lot of things right, but you do a lot of things wrong... Guess why I'm angry?

Lately every time I get on a train, get to hear loud shouty conversations full of swearing, racial slurs, & jail release dates

The Honda finally fucked up.. I have to fucking take Trimet to school tomorrow because no one has 1st and 2nd release 

Thanks for not showing up twice, 15

Planned our trip with ample time but now late thanks to trains sitting at stops. No communication from driver. Train 211a

Ticket validation machines all broken at N Prescott and Overlook stops on Yellow line Max. WTF .

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