Sunday, June 30, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
My bus is 20 minutes late. I'm getting sick and tired of trimet

#9 bus driver at temp bus stop 4th and Harrison just blew past 4 of us

Idiots release chemical compounds in my apt and on to simulate allergic symtoms release CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS inside America chemicals

Portland's a loveky city, but fuck the Trimet.

now my 57 is 3 minutes late, and I'm at the first stop!

Judge throws out federal lawsuit against TriMet and bus driver Sandi Day (via )

Call me the trimet king πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰πŸ†

If cops want to get threatening, the Gateway TC zone and bike rules therein need to be obvious and/or clearly posted.

TRIMET CRACKDOWN ON SCOFFLAWS! “: More fare inspectors than passengers on the 12:45 yellow line.”

Dear Aaron-from-Wednesday, Saturday-night-Aaron ran to catch that last MAX home + thanks you for buying the extra TriMet ticket just in case

nobody is ever too cute for trimet... I ride it lmao (:

lmao im to cute for trimet

Oh my god. Trimet police on the bus asking me to varify my age with ID for my youth pass? Really?

Things I Learned On The Drive Home: Attractive strippers ride Trimet.

I be ridin on the trimet W. my boo way to much .

Fuck trimet 😑

There's nothing in this life that could possibly be more pathetic than a trimet bike cop. lol @ u

Flowers and a MAX stop... (at ) [pic] —

Racist white guy on the bus, driver ignores it. Must be portland.

Thanks for not warning me about the closed stop and also lying about the location of the temporary stop, Trimet

Presumably your drivers can see someone running, & know that "hourly" is "frequent service". So they dont wait bc "fuck customers.

thank you for the shuttle buses earlier today. But knowing the spill was on 26, and that it would be closed, why not take anotherway

Bus 2017 broken down

red/blue line isn't running... wtf... trimet sucks

false. Trimet blows

how the fu€k is the rail late?

Sonsabitches. TriMet

This MAX smells of vanilla, sweat and desperation. TriMet

Fantastic. The weather broke TriMet. Again. You'd think that with all of their funding, they'd be able to make a MAX run.

i love this trimet driver cuz he always hooks it up w/ a day pass when i don't even pay for a student pass~~

Tweeting again ruins my last joke. But apparently wants me to walk home.

Whoohoo! 2001 will be showing up! Arrived nearly 15 minutes late at Beaverton tc, but we should easily make up that time

Time to post the Trimet Stop ID on the actual streetcar shelters. And yes, it does matter.

Bus 2928 has a dead overhead. First 2900 I've seen with a blank overhead

Are there no more blue lines to Gresham? is just telling me to go to the airport for some reason.

consider this a friendly fucking warning from the devils, I swear to god I will fucking open the gates of hell on that company.

I feel like trimet is gonna try an be on some bullshit tonight. I ain't paying for another ticket cause it was 1 minute expired

you hire people who give out citations and then flip me off and cuss at me out of there car!? You fucked up big time BIG FUCKIN TIME

97 degrees and Trimet isn't even pretending to keep a schedule. Apparently MAX trains don't work so well in hot weather.

Girl put your fucking shoes in this is Trimet not the park.

Really? 96 degrees trimet and I have to wait 20 minutes for a fricking bus?! Come on. Make and exception for today.  

Not excited that the 62 bus to wa. square is running 47 mins late for no discernible reason

Just biked the last 3.6 miles to work, on the bus route to see if the bus was just 20+ min late. Nope never came. Damn 30 min lateπŸ˜’

Hey ! I love you guys, but why are you consistently late on weekends? Seriously, cutting it close trying to get to work!

Souped up my bike. Ready to not pay trimet or a while.

Dear TriMet, Why be jerks and not let your paying riders on the air conditioned, already running bus? It's kind...

"I will be on the bus until I die" sounds like one of those quirky customer testimonial campaigns from Trimet.

Hung over + haven't eaten anything today + no coffee yet + taking trimet for an hour and a half = not very happy Eddie

Look what I found here in bus 2926. must be really desperate to pretend it's true

Dear trimet please be on time for a change

Fucking trimet. You have a bus that's schedualed, it better show up. Now im.going to be late for work

One ticket machine working in pioneer square?! Typical

Fuck you TriMet if you make me late to work one more time I will fuck your shit up. 😠

can you not be 20 minutes late you stupid piece of shit trimet

Stop ID 3639 here since 820p no line14 what's up . 19mins

Of course on the first day it's hot as hell outside TriMet leaves me stranded to sweat it out on the street.

yeah mine was 20 min late. Welcome to Summer, or Winter, and sometimes Fall.

Oh thanks, . I just love when my bus doesn't show up. It's even better when it's miserably hot out. Now a 30min wait for the next one

Just got punked by with and damn they got us good

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