Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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It’s that time of the year when schools across our region are letting out for summer. (Let’s hope we start to see the summer part!) (hahaha funny Neil) With all those kids out – it’s a
reminder not just for our professional staff of bus and rail operators – but for all of us to take a couple extra seconds when we’re driving to watch for any kids or
for that matter, more cyclists on the streets. Having had two little squirts (haha, Neil is getting funnier by the day ) at one time myself, I know that parents can easily be distracted and a little one might
wander off and into traffic.(a big one too)  That’s where that extra attention you can give comes in handy. I know I’m not alone when I have to remind myself to leave the phone
on the seat or turn the radio down a bit. (what stations do you listen to Neil?) I just know that we all want our little ones to come home safely. (don't forget the big ones Neil) So please, take care when you’re out there driving. And
of course, enjoy every moment our beautiful summers bring!
Neil (OK Neil)

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