Friday, June 28, 2013


The way they hand out millions and millions of dollars for that HUGE PORK PROJECT CALLED MLR is astounding. At one board meeting I actually got up and objected to the way these millions are just given away even after a previous bid was accepted. All the winning contractors can come back whenever they feel like it to the hog trough for another round of pig feed. Never any questions are asked The head hogs, Trimet six figure staff, always provide the same answer to that helpless board of puppets: "we didn't foresee this contingency and we are still within  budget on this line item".

I am hoping that when this audit is conducted a very thorough look at how that money was spent.

It's no wonder why the public has so much animosity towards government employees. They see all these pigs at the trough, (including many Trimet directors who are getting fat retirement checks from the tax payers) and the majority of the public gets none of this type of pork. They just work their whole lives to provide the pork to the lucky people that are part of the government.

Here is the request for public records, you know that all of the MLR contractors are having a field day with all this pork

Certified payroll report, I'm requesting this information as my previous emplyer has not sent it to me after several request over the phone and hand written request. I worked on the Light Rail project and believe I wa classified under something other than the duties I was performing. I worked for Moore Excavatoion Inc. My name is William c. Pfaffle Emplyee code PFAFWIL dates would be between 3/25/13 - 5/10/13. I was performing welding and fabrication work on site along with ironworkers from Liberty welding on this project. My hourly rate was 26.19 an hour not sure on the frigs as they are not paid on the checks weekly but held for 90 days before released. If an more info is need to assist you with providing me this information please contact me.

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